"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas From Hannah and Blaze!

Merry Christmas everyone! and I hope everyone has a very Happy new year!


God bless!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas crazy!

Lately Things have been quite crazy. with Christmas coming up, and I still haven't got no Christmas shopping done for anyone! "eeeep!" and It has rained everyday for the past week, so I haven't gotten to play at all (Feeling like I'm going insane Because I haven't played for that long.) but any who when it drys I will be filming my level 4 Online and Freestyle, I have went over the self assessment list and we can do everything on them, also we can do everything on Finesse list but 2 things (side pass and looking the direction he's going. and flying lead changes.) but with everything else, we are good. I have figured out how to teach blaze flying lead changes, so I will be teaching him when it gets dryed up out side

also I am so excited to get Mirka's Pitts, dvd on spinning, and I will be getting a Parelli confidence snaffle for Christmas and I can't wait to see how Blaze likes it.

I have been learning lots about finesse lately, and I figured out a few things that need to change with Blaze
here are some pictures of blaze "collected"

OK head "tucked" in not using his back

and this is how he should look

so I have to play with blaze using his body more, and I've been watching on the savvy club allot about finesse and I'm starting to understand what I need to do, so I'm Gonna play around with it and see how it goes and I'll let y'all know and see pictures when we progress more to show the difference.

anyways I've gotta go!

Hannah & Blaze

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have been teaching blaze all types of new stuff lately, I have taught him to lay down without me picking up his leg, and he will lay down from under saddle too, I've been playing with flying lead changes over a pole and he is doing great with that, I want to refine it more before I try without the pole. our zone 5 driving is amazing! he will do finesse with me in zone 5, at liberty in the middle of the pasture he will back 1 lap around me, each way. Our finesse in general is Great! he will do haunches in the right way! (still refining it tho) we're playing with passage right now and he is doing great!

here are a few goals I have for us.

1: Flying lead changes without a pole

2: passage

3: side pass (with blaze looking the way he is going) walk/trot/canter


Lately I have just been advancing Angel's online, because it's been so wet, (safer) and she is doing really well. I've been teaching her to lay down (almost there) :) and once she does it I'm Gonna start doing stuff that Honza does with 2 horses (like getting one t jump over the other while it's laying down)


Hope is Officially a Super Learner! in less then a month she is in Level 3 with allot of things, she will canter 2 laps trot as many as I want her too, since she us a LBE it's hard to get her to slow down! haha, she will jump anything I ask her too and will bow. and we can play stick to me a liberty, and Online she will stick to me at the canter

well just a quick update

Hannah & Blaze

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Playday at Jennifer's.

Yesterday I went to ms Jennifer's house for a Play day. me and My brother was going, ad it was Angel's first time being any were since we bought her, (2 years ago) she did very well loading, and seemed fine, we arrived around 10 Amish? anyways....we got there and unloaded the horses and Julia (Julpony) on the parelli forum came, and we met. everyone got there, so we went and all played in the big play ground, Angel was calm and Cool, awesome for her first time being some were but she is Naturally RBI so she doesn't let her emotions out much. Blaze was doing very well also, everyone was having fun. we moved to the arena were My brother rode angel and I rode Blaze. angel was doing very well, she got frustrated a few times, s we had to be careful. then I let Julia ride Blaze around for a while and I rode misty bridle less. then we had a competition were we went though a course that we made up, everyone did Great, Elijah was the judge, because Angel isn't used to all types of obstacles, But Blaze was Great did every obstacle perfect, so I as very proud of him. at the end Iplayed around with 2 horse liberty, Angel didn't wanna stay with us so I just played with Blaze,

all n all we had a Great time. can't wait for camp next summer, hopefully I will be able to teach some again, it was Great meeting you Julia! your a great rider :D and you did a Great job with misty!

Here is a Pict or Elijah on the left. then Danielle and alison and Ellen then Julia ad then me :)





Julia ad Misty

Amber and Danielle

Ellen and Sarge

Jennifer and Merlin





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Friday, November 13, 2009

new video!

so this was our session today! Enjoy :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

a congrats, and about my night.

Myspace Comments @ 123glitter.com

LEA!! she passed a L3 + with her On line audition!! she did amazing Job! so Proud of her. just watching her videos hs helped me allot. because she is so kind and savvy with Eddie. CONGRATS LEA!!!

and this is the video I made for her today after she made me an amazing video!! Thanks agin lea!

Now I'll tell about my On line session!
Tonight I started playing with blaze at either.....7:30 PM ? or something like that so it was dark, and we have a light at the pasture so I could see.

So I started out with the friendly game, just making sure our friendly game, and actually Blaze was RBI, head to the ground, even snorting a bit, and a little tense. so I finished the friendly game was did porcupine game, and teaching blaze to pivot, and I did get him to pivot both ways! then driving game and got blaze to pivot, he was fantastic!

when I got to the Yo-Yo game I found that our draw was broke, "How interesting!" so I played with backing him up fast and bring him in slow to rest, once our draw was better I moved on, to the Circling game, and what do you know our send was broke "How interesting! again" since I have been back from Lake land I haven't played much on-line or liberty, so i guess I had to refresh his mind, but once I got to the circling game I figured out that my long phase 1 was to short. I did about a 3 second phase 1 and a quick 2-3-4, and he needed about a 10 second phase 1 and a quick 2-3-4. so I pointed...waited waited waited....then quick 2-3-4 and he just nodded his head. so I started again long phase 1..............quick 2-3-4 and Presto he went off at the trot and I hit the ground were he was but he already left so he didn't get taped, and because I did that he did not pull on me once (he was just about at the end of the 45 foot) and before he ALWAYS pulled on me when I first started out playing it,

so after I got that "lovely circle" from him I bring him in, rubbed and treat and sent him out and his send I had to do the same thing as the first time, and he went off at the trot, and I asked him to canter presto! "phase 1! I moved on to the left and he doesn't like going left and to make the circle faster he comes allot closer to me "smart boy ay? but it doesn't bother me if he wants to circle close then great.

after all that I did some figure 8's at they were great! allot better then before (he would really pull coming from right to left) and played with some change or direction,

Then I moved on to long-line driving and just walked around some then I picked up the reins and got him to do finesse and get collected while I was in zone 5! I barely had any contact on the reins and I asked for trot and he was just lovely. collected his body and beautiful BEAUTIFUL trot, and I asked for canter and he went on. and I asked him to stop and back half a circle "phase 1!" and I did a few other things and then took the line off

and got him to pivot at liberty (he's still learning but he got it almost down!) and then played the circling game to the right and he was great asked for trot and he offered canter! got 2 laps and I said "that's good enough for me!" and I asked for the left and we started loosing the connection so I just moved on and didn't worry about it, so I wanted to do something fun, so me and Blaze played the cutting game and WOW best cutting game we've ever had, he wasn't just rearing and turning like most of the time, he was really looking like a cutting horse! ("now if I could only get him to do that with a cow) lol too bad we have none lol!

and played with backing by the tale and got him to lay down and he just hung out. (he almost fell asleep) ow I had a confident LB horse :) and I asked him to sit and he did a great one! even let me pick up his hoof and put it on my shoulder (like Honza and Gaston!) and I let him get up and ended th session. it was so relaxing, I figured out most of our bad sessions has definitely been because of me, 1 cause I haven't been using my body language that much "eep! 2 haven't been doing a long enough phase 1..3 haven't been letting blaze make the mistake before I correct.

Tonight when we were done I am serious I asked him "was it as good for you as i was me?" and I thik e said ye :)

Long post but we really learned allot

Here is that Video Lea made for me

again lea THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I LOVE it!
Lov ya Savvy sister ;)

Hannah & Blaze

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Congrats Julia!!

My Friend Julia Passed a L2 + on her On line audition! what I grea Job Julia I knew you would pass! Keep up the great work you are Sharlie make an Awesome Team!

and here you go Julia


Congrats again!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet Ms Hope!

That's right! 8 horses now. Hope is an Extreme LBI. she used to be the leader in her herd and she does not like that I am now the leader. she has already went after our dog trying to stomp her brains out. and went after Blaze. today I have been teaching her the 7 games and she doesn't know how to move against pressure very well. but we are playing with it. she is very very smart. I have a great challenge on my hands. she is 5 years old. and she has many breeds mixed into her. she is part saddle bred. part arab. part QH. and Tobiano paint. so she has one horsenality for sure. she is the same size as Blaze. I have already had a short ride on her and she was pretty good I must say!

I've got big plans for her.

anyways! here she is!

and here you can see that ear


well there ya go! another member to the family!

Hannah & Blaze

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fran and Hannah

proudly present "Heart and Desire Horsemanship", a Team of Super-natural, Super-savvy Parelli students, working together to promote excellence in horsemanship

Yup that's right! me and Fran are going into business.
Visit our we site (this is just it for now)

now things that has been going on lately
I have been forther advancing Me and Blaze's Freestyle and Finesse. I have especially avoided finesse long enough. anyways. I have taught Blaze to put his head down at the walk and Trot. and we have gained allot of control at freestyle since then. Blaze can now spin. it isn't to fast but it is getting better. Finesse has been amazing. I have been using a halter cause we are not ready for a bridle right now. (plus I wouldn't use one til I had a cradle anyways)

Blaze is super Light. I can just hold the reins with my pinkie and he will collect him self at the walk and trot. and his cater is getting allot lighter too. our haunches in has been getting better too. taking it nice and slowly.

I've bee riding angel some lately and she is coming along very well. were playing with main taining gaits and direction.

Joy is a little goof ball. I have been playing on the ground with her and also riding her some. she is coming along very very well for her age.

Midnight and I had a fun little session the other day. OK I'll take back "little session" because it was a almost 3 hour session. we played in he little paddock. and played with his respect because he thinks he can just stick his QHs in my face and walk off. so I taught him not to leave unless I let him. and we played with the trailer got all 4 feet in! and then I rode him for about 2 hours and we played with standing still. which was hard because he was away from the rest of the herd and he wanted his way ad wanted to g back up there. so he try ed to buck me off a few times but I just stayed with him til he stood still.

also. Tonight My mom came in here and told me we might be getting this free horse that is about a mile away from here. we see this horse everyday on our way to work. and poor thing is in a tiny pen with another horse and it is just dirt. they keep hay out but it isn't enough so she is kinda skinny. I hope we can get her because if we don't she will go to someone that might treat her bad. *crossing fingers*

sorry I have been horrible keeping this updated. been real busy. will keep it updated for now on

Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

how was Lakeland FL?

I"ve been asked this question allot. and it went amazing!! we got there Thursday at 1 pm. and was greeted by someone that we all know ;) Mariah Helms :) and we got all signed in and got Blaze a paddock. and Blaze was scared and RB to be in a new Place. Blaze's stall was under the parelli tent with there Horses :) they told us how everything was Gonna Go. we got to practice that night in the arena. and Blaze was RB in there cause he's never been in a indoor arena. but once we played more he got to be his self. and blew some socks off. with the people that worked for Parelli. the Celebration started Friday and it was Great the spotlighters were awesome. really really enjoyed them allot. we got to practice in the arena again that night. I started getting nervous. because I knew I knew I KNEW Blaze wasn't gonna be as good as he was in practice cause there was other horses in there. anyways Mariah and Holly's spotlight was awesome they both did Great! I was the last freestyle. and it went just like I knew it would. Blaze got RB and I got on and then Pat asked us to get off and gave us a lesson.

after we calmed Blaze down Pat gave us one song and Blaze did Pretty Good. and I wasn't disapoited. because has nothing to prove to Pat or the crowd. Linda Parelli and allot of the others know Blaze and know what he can really do. so I was fine and just super happy and proud of Blaze cause it did go better than I thought it would. Linda was so sweet. she I was Happy that we could finally meet. she's said before that she couldn't wait to meet me and Blaze so I was Happy. and she is so Nice. me and Mariah and Me had a Great Time practiceing and getting pictures together. she is such a nice person. and Blaze totally loved sundance he is such a sweet Horse

and Mirka Mirka WOW!!!!!!!!!! she is amazing and SOOOOOO Nice and helped me and Blaze spin. she blew everyones socks off with her Horse Magie. got her L6 ribbon! was the only one who did. and was awesome.







" target="_blank">Photobucket

Hannah & Blaze

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Less Than 1 day

well BE IN LAKE LAND!!!!!! that's Right. we leave at either 4 am tomorrow morning. or 5 am tomorrow morning. boy are we Gonna be tired or what! I a so excited. so much to do to day like..........Give Blaze a bath. brush him. Pack all my stuff. The trailer floors will be done today. it was 10 pm last night when we go the floors half was. but we were to tired to finish. so my dad went to the business today to finis it up. and my brothers are gonna help him. he said he didn't need my help so I stayed home so I can get everything ready for tomorrow.

I'm s excited. it still seems like a Dream. but it is a Dream coming true! I can't what to see some of my fellow Savvy friends and Play with each others Horses. ad get pictures taken! I'll be taking tons of pictures and videos so every ones can see. ad yes my spotlight will be filmed for sure so don't worry :)

I think Blaze is Ready. he has Benn such a Good boy. and trying his heart out for me.I am s Proud of him and everything we have learned. I just wish he knew we were leaving tomorrow. but then again he would probably take off andbe like "nooooooooooo no I don't wanna go" lol!!!

well short post. Gotta get ready

Hannah & Blaze :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Whoa!! before and after -trailer-

My dad and me have been fixing up our horse trailer. it had rust all over it. and was in awful shape. blown tires etc etc. so we jus got it painted. we took out the old floors. (putting in new floors tomorrow)
the guy that painted it knows my dad and owes him alot of money. so he said he would paint the trailer for free. so FREE PAINT JOB!!!

here is before pictures of the trailer

the inside

The tires

Rotten floors



" target="_blank"><

New tired and brakes!

Inside. The guy sand blasted evrything! and the floors t make were it will never rust again!! (like I saidputting floor in tomorrow)

LAKE LAND here we come!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

almost ready!

yup! were almost ready for Lakeland! out trailer is in the process of getting painted. it has new tires on it. and nw brakes. and should be done by monday. then we put the floors in. and well be ready!

I've been Practiceing with Blaze allot. and I think he is ready! we just need to get some things nice and smooth. we can now do a spin without blaze rearing and turning. and yes I taught him to rear and turn, but I want to him to know the difference. in me asking for a rear spin or just a spin. and we got it going to the left. and still playing with going to the right! but well have it in no time.

so anyways here is my new video!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New video

ok so I have been trying my best to upload my audition, but it is takeng forever!! so here is a short video that has some clips from my audition in it

Enjoy :)

Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


well Today after I was done mowing the lawn and cleaning I went to check my email! and I just havin to see the Subject "you're audition" and I was like oh here we go I didn't pass. and I look at the score and got a Level 4 + pass! I couldn't believe it! I rally just sent it for feedback since it wasn't that good. and I did not exspact to pass, I am so Happy! and will be filming my On line myabe tonight when my dad gets home with the trailer!

most off the things were Level 4 + and ++! how cool!


Naturally Hannah and Blaze

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Preparing for Lakeland!

WOW! we Have so much to Get ready!! this is Gonna be ALLOT Harder then I thought it was O.O! I say this because Parelli wants you to Bring allot! ad our Trailer is not big enough....But we might be able to find a bigger trailer by then (Hopefully)

so here is Parelli's Check list

-Riding Clothes - Whatever you plan to ride in - jeans, jodhpurs, boots, long and short sleeve
shirts, etc. CHECK

-Suitable Footwear if you are Riding - This would include shoes with flat soles and a heel.
The Parelli program is very much about safety with horses and this is a simple requirement to
make sure we succeed. CHECK

-Grooming Tools and Supplies - Brushes, Soap, etc. We don’t reward or recommend that you lip your horse especially the muzzle or inside the ears. We also strongly suggest that you clean
with natural grooming products not containing artificial conditioners such as silicon. CHECK but Need some soap!

-Manure Fork, Wheelbarrow/Bucket, Broom, Water Hose CHECK

-Feeding Supplies - Grain, Hay, Feed & Water Buckets, Scoops, Supplements, Treats, etc. CHECK

-Video Camera - CHECK

Now here is my little Plan to mae this trip really fun
I was talking to my brother last Night and I came up with this neat idea. My trip down there and getting there and practicing Just about EVERYTHING is gonna be on film! (if my brother will film for me) then if that happens I'm gonna make it like a movie so y'all can see EVERYTHING that happened! from when we left, from stopping on the way, to when we gt there, etc etc.

I think it's gonna be fun!
I can't wait!

quick update on Blaze
I played at liberty with him the other day and he was AMAZING!!! he is learning new things everyday!

OK that's all for now

Hannah & Blaze

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Perfected Sitting!

Today we had to bring Blaze to the Vet for His coggins and health Certificate and shots etc. so when we got there Blaze was real good for the vet, and before That the Blaze kept pawing, so when the vet was done I asked him to do the spanish walk, cause he wanted a treat, so the vet thought Blaze was being snotty, and he was like "wait, did you ask him to do that?" and I said yes, and he was like "oh sorry" and his assitant said what else can he do? and I said he can rear lay down and sit, etc etc. an she said OH can I see him lay down? and I said sure! and when we got Blaze there he was RB wondering what was going on, and by then he was fne. so anyways I got him to lay down and they said COOL! and then when I gothim to sit they were in shock! the vet said Blaze was amazing!!

and later on The vet called woundering were he could find my videos on youtube LOL

here isa pic when we were at the vet


Hannah & Blaze :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



I ju got the Email

Dear Hannah,


We are excited to inform you that you have been selected as a participant in the Lakeland, FL Savvy Spotlights in the following class:

- Freestyle

and that you have been selected as an alternate in the following class:

- Free Form

We know this event is completely different than anything Parelli has ever done and is something the horse industry has never seen! Parelli students everywhere are wanting to take part, and YOU are making history as one of the first!

To help you prepare for your trip, we will be sending you a logistics packet via email once your reply to confirm your selection. This logistics packet will cover why to be, when to be, where to be, what to do when you get there, and the paperwork to bring with you!

You will note that Check-In will be on Thursday October 8th, from 9:30am to 12:00pm, followed by Orientation at 4:00pm.

Prior to your arrival, you will also need to secure
- A current negative coggins for each horse traveling with you
- A health certificate (even if you are from FL)

Please confirm your selection in the aforementioned class(es) by replying to this email.

We look forward to celebrating all that you have accomplished in your horsemanship journey at the Parelli Celebration in Lakeland, FL!

OMGOSH I'm crying I'm so happy!!
This is My dream

Thank you God!! so much

Monday, September 14, 2009

On line and Freestyle

Lately I have been playing On line and allot of Freestyle
and Our On line is Fantastic! He'll canter as many laps as I want him to on the 45 foot line (with me standing in place relaxed) but of course I don't ask him ever to canter over 5 laps because I know if I were him I wouldn't want to canter allot of laps. lol. I've also been doing allot of long line driveing, and he is just about perfect at it!! our figure 8 is beautiful!! just like in the L4 patterns figure 8. how Pat barely moves at all, just back and forth. so he has that down pat ;) and been doing allot of circleing game with long lines, and he is Great! will walk trot canter backup. (he'll back up 2 laps!)

and Our freestyle is coming along very nicely! I no longer have to worry about him cantering or trotting to fast! Just trying to get him to really understand my body Language more than my legs. and yesterday I fell off him. and hit the drive way real hard. and got hurt, but I'm in some pain, but i'll heal quick!

just a quick update

Hannah & Blaze

Friday, September 11, 2009


and again

I made this background fr you ;)


Thursday, September 10, 2009

big Congratulations!

Congratulations Lea and Eddie!!!
she passed her Level 2!!

You're doing sooooooo awesom Lea! keep up the amazing work!! You have so much savvy! and you are showing how talented you really are! Eddie is one amazing Horse and he loves you so much! :)

You're gonna make an amazing Parelli Professional one day! :)

Visit her Blog!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Level 4/5 play

Today was Really fun, with Blaze.
I started out on Getting him to jump 1 barrel at the end of the 22 foot line, cause I haven't done much jumping in a while, and he has been going around the barrel when I do ask, so I played with the for a few minutes, and she was Great! started jumping every time I asked him. then I switched to the 45 foot line and Blaze did flying lead changes on a figure 8! which was cool.

and after that I taught Blaze to Trot sideways toward me, and that went very well! he was Great! and we ran around the pasture doing all types of stuff, just playing around with everything.

after that I got Blaze to lay down, and Played extreme Friendly game, and got him to lay all the way down on his side and I stood on him and did Extreme friendly game. and after that he got up and sat! he has never afford to do that so it was cool, and he sat all the way up, finally. before his feet were far out in front, and now the are straight, so I gave him a few treats, and played extreme friendly game, and he didn't get up, and I mounted him while he was sitting! YES another Goal checked :)

so I ended it at that

Then later on I came back and I couldn't resist I played again, and I played with Transitions on line, and he was GREAT! all Low phase 1 and 2, he is really started to Naturally collect him self too! very neat stuff, he is also started to use his HQs, after that we did more UDT and I gave him a bath, well more like just washed him off with the water hose, lol

Tomorrow I'm Gonna play with Flying changes, cause I figured out a few things I was doing wrong, and I'm going to correct them tomorrow and see if it works, I post on how it goes

But until then
Good Night!

Hannah & Blaze

Friday, September 4, 2009

the perfect day

The title tells it all, today was the perfect day, 70s out side clear blue sky!
so here we go!

It's been about a month since I've rode Blaze Bridle less and bareback. cause I've been doing so many transitions, and doing more finesse. so today I said well might as well see how he is, so I got on top of the 4 wheeler and asked him to side pass to me, (I didn't have a carrot stick, was just gonna ride him with nothing no savvy string to) anyways. so I got on, and just started walking around the pasture, and it was really cool, because, if I would turn my body to the left he would turn left, and same to the right, then I just thought backwards, and leaned backwards and he backed!!!! Wow!!!

then when I asked him to spin, he did a slow spin!! and when I asked him to move his HQs in a circle he did!!! I was totally amazed! so I asked him to trot a figure 8, and he just started slowly jogging, and OK, he has NEVER done that without speeding up in the trot, so that was HUGE!! those transitions really work! then I asked him to do simple lead changes on the figure 8 and he was perfect, will have those flying lead changes down before you know it!

so after I was done with all that, I thought we should go up to the house (which is across the scary Dam, and we played with his thresholds, (it's scary for him cause the lake is one one side of it, and an almost straight down drop off is on the other side) (don't worry there is a fence) but it was a squeeze game for him, so we went to the other side, and right to the left is a trail that goes deep in the woods down to the creek, and I've never been down there before with him, and he turned and started going down there, and I'm like "OK, I didn't ask for this way, But maybe I should let him go and have a nice lil trail ride" But be careful because I had no carrot stick no savvy string no nothing, but I was gonna trust him, so we start heading down the hill with spider webs hitting my face, (they were up high and me riding him made were they were hitting me) I called him lucky, lol, but out of no were a tree branch fell some were in the woods, and his head went up, but Guess what? He didn't spook! he was like "what was that?" then was over it xD!

so we went to were the creek was, and I wasn't gonna ask him to go in, cause you have to go down this little muddy thing that goes down into it, and he would get stuck, and the sand in the creek would make him get stuck to, so I asked him to turn around, and we trotted on the trail, (a controlled trot) and we went back up the steep hill, back to the pasture next to the house, it was so lovely, I never had to trust him that much, cause were we we're there was no fences, so he could have ran away with me on him, cause there was no way to stop him if he did,

anyways after wards I did some UDT around the house, and he was so cute, I layed on the ground and he came to me and wanted to hang out, and he kept biting my pockets, then trying to kiss me, lol! so after about 30 minutes I went running back across the Dam back up to the pasture, and he didn't follow, then out of no were I hear the loud Winnie, and here he is cantering after me, and he stoped when he got to me and I jumped on him real quick and we went back to the building,

it Most definitely the perfect day, to bad the camera was broke because it would have been one amazing Video!

Hannah & Blaze :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Success and Goals

Lately I've been doing Transitions with Blaze everyday. and he has been doing fantastic! he now will stay at 1 speed at the trot, unless I ask other wise, and the canter is getting allot better too! we did 1 lap with a very slow canter each way! he still is more prepared to go then he is to whoa, which we're getting there, by lake land he should be just about perfect. I also have taught him when he is laying down to lay his head on me! which is so cute haha. our newer trailer he was scared to go in because he can't turn around in it, but finally he is over that and will go in with no problem, even on a 45 foot line, and will back into it, and his turning when backing by the tail or me just backing is perfect, I don't even have to touch his tail and he will back and turn whatever way I won't him to turn, yay!

and here are a few goals I have

1: lead changes

2: build his neck muscle

3: be able to do finesse better

4: get 3 speeds within a gait bridle less

5: get his sitting longer, and him knowing what I really mean

6: get him to look in the direction he is going, when doing a side pass (he looks the other way and his shoulder leads)

so just a few goals I have, I know not all of that is gonna happen before lakeland, But hopefully a few will, I've also been playing around with shimming because Blaze had dry spots the other day, and now I might need to buy a couple of more shims.

so I've just been playing with allot of stuff, we have been makeing allot of Sucess

well just a quick up date'
Hannah & Blaze

Thursday, August 20, 2009


lately Me ad Blaze have been doing LOTS of transitions, because he always goes fast when riding such as walk trot and canter, well his walk isn't really fast but everything else is......so Thanks to Cassie and Fran, I have been doing things to build his core, and to help him get slower in his gaits, and so I've been doing Transitions, and I haven't played with Transitions like I should have because before I did it and nothing never happened, little did I know I wasn't doing them long enough, and so I did it for more than an hour the other night, and around the end he started just ding a very slow jog, I was like OMGOSH because he has NEVER EVER done that on a loose rein, it was amazing, so yesterday, I rode him again, and at first he was fast, but first thing he saw that we were ding transitions he slowed down, and every gate, even the canter, it was too amazing, and I even had him a very loose rein, it was so cool! we did that for about 30 minutes,and I warlike woooooooooooooooooow! because this whole time I figures out why he wanted to go fast all the time, and that is because I always wanted him to d, but never really played with our stop, so he was more ready to go, then he was ready to whoa, and it was that simple, one of those "OH DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!" moments, but he is doing great!

we also are going to pick up our horse trailer were buying tomorrow, it's a 2 horse straight load, which all we need, and it's red, and just needs t be painted, and her daughter does berral racing, and I hope maybe I can get them into parelli, the daughter likes parelli, but doesn't think she can barrel race and do parelli, which she can, (I wasn't there when she said that) and she wasn't there tonight, but should be there tomorrow, and there son was very nice to, he likes "breaking horses" ick, hate that word, lol but he doesn't know better, they are a very nice family!

and tomorrow my mom is calling the vet to figure out how much cog gins are, and were gonna get that done, soon and get a Health certificate, and well be set for lakeland, just need to buy our tickets, and when the time comes will be read to go, I really can not wait allot of my friends are going, and some people I haven't got to meet in person ad just know from the savvy club, and it'll be really nice to meet in person, hopefully I won't be RBI haha, like I was in Jacksonville last year, but if I am oh well hehe

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Lately I've been reading my Mastery Manual #7 on flexion, and "wow!" I have allot to play with before I can even do finesse, such as.....first I need to build Blaze's core muscle, he is every weak there, so I'm going to start backing him up steep hills, to build that, and his top line is not the best, so I'm going to start trotting him over poles to improve that. and also I have allot to improve myself with to even be able to ride with finesse. I need to build my core muscles, and learn how to do all of this, it is VERY confusing, I need a Professional here! lol! (never been to one) O.O! I figured out I am stiff when I ride blaze sometimes, and Blaze does not use his back and he doesn't use his HQs

I was looking at some pictures I had, and I was leaning forward, and Blaze wasn't using his HQs AT ALL!and I figured out when I ride angel she has this HUGE canter, because she is using her whole body, and Blaze is short fast and choppy, so I have allot I have to do!! I'm gonna work hard on getting my self to know how to do this, and build blaze;s core muscle, and get him to start using those HQs, he always stops on his for hand, and that has to stop! lol! I always was wondering when he stops why do I always fall forward, even if I'm on my balance point, and that is why! he isn't using his HQs! I have a picture of that, and have another O.O!! lol, also I'm gonna have to buy a confidence bit for Blaze, then see how he does with that, then save up and buy a cradle

also, I'm gonna be getting Blaze's coggins done soon, just in case if were picked for lake land spotlight. I'm VERY excited, cause just about EVERYONE I know on the savvy club chat room is going, HOPEFULLY I won't be RBI like I was at Jacksonville FL, last year, but I'm getting better with people, my problem is trying to keep a conversation with someone! I'm like hi, then don't know what to say LOL!

anyways that is what I've been up to lately, very very busy! I promis I'll post more!

Hannah & Blaze

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something new!

here is my video I made today, and filmed it today!! we have some new things I've been playing with! and Im VERY proud of Blaze!!



Hannah & Blaze

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Morning!

Ok! Hello! so lately I've been sorta busy again, I've been playing with the horses more, some intresting ones with Angel, Joy, and Blaze. and they are doing Great things, I saddled up Joy the other day, and we had our first canter!! been walking and trotting for a few months (bareback) and this was the first time with a saddle on (when me riding) and we did walk trot and canter! both ways with no bucking!! for a 2 year old she is so sweet! and very easy to teach, (LBI/LBE)

Then that same day once i got off Joy, I saddled up Angel, and Angel is more advanced under saddle now, (L2/L3 stuff) and for a 3 year old she is very impressive! I've been only riding her with a halter and 12 foot line tied into reins, and bareback or saddle, and here is some stuff she can do with a saddle and halter, and without it, she knows how to go sideways (bridle less and bareback) can back (briddle less and bareback with legs) and walk trot canter, turn, jump (bridle less and baeback) and all with a halter and saddle on too! and I do have to be careful because she is RBI, and will explode if you push her to hard (I figued out this when she filped over on me last year) :O but it was my fault, and that is another long story. but I've been playing more out side the round pen, trying to get her to maintain Gait, she will at the walk and most of the time the trot, but the canter she'll buck a little, but nothing big, so we've been playing allot with that, and i've got her to maintain 1 lap at the canter in the pasture! yay! very proud of my girl, here are some pictures of her from the other night and some of just the saddeon her (after I was done riding)


lol she's a little fat




Now on to Blaze
Blaze is starting to just be more amazing everytime I play with him, we have now at liberty got our draw backwards with turns! (not holding the tail) what a smart boy! ay? and we have been playing with our figure 8! and I figured out that is more confident with me on his left side, and puts me in zone 3, so I've been trying to get him confident on his right side! and that's going great, and I'd like to say THANK YOU FRAN! foryour advice!! :D but our draw on the figure 8 (going to the right) is broken! he won't turn, so we played with that some, but on line he will do flying lead changes, on the figure 8!! :D and our long line driveing is ammmmmmaaaaazzziiinngggg! he is soooooooooooooo smart!!! I Love my boy so much!! xD so things are good, only thing I hate is this crazy Georgia heat! so I have to play at night now, 90s goooooo away! haha anyways here are some pictures of Blaze from the other day




~Hannah and Blaze~