"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Saturday, January 31, 2009

GOSH! this started out bad but ended good!

Hello All!

Today I was gonna play with blaze cantering, cause this is what he does. he will start out slow then get faster and faster and faster till he is at full blast and he's not RB what so ever. any suggestion would be Great! so I did that for a while then he got MAD. I ask to go and he said NO FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has NEVER done this EVER!!! and he wasn't RBI he was full blown LBI he said NOT GONNA HAPPEN so I squeezed I taped a little then I took the savvy string and went back a forth tapping each side, nothing hap pend so I got harder and harder ansocked face* My sweet boy acting like this??? I think he did this because he wanted his way and didn't get it. cause every time he would go to fast in the canter I would pull him around interrupt the pattern. so he finally went and I try ed my best not to get mad so after I while his canter trot etc. was MUCH better. I played for about an hour with this. if that was too long please let me know.

then I did a little liberty he was good just did a couple of things and went in the round pen and got him to do 4 laps t the canter to the left and 5 at the the canter to the right WOW!!! that's a first ! so after I was done I did some Undamanding time with him about 20 30 minuts. Let him rest.

then I started playing with angel did all 7 games at liberty. got her to come sideways to me better got her to do 1 lap at the canter with is big for her!!!! she's RBI so I don't want to push to hard ( she almost killed me once ) but that was my fault. and then I went out of the round pen and played stick to me and she was pretty good with that. but ran away about 4 times but I was like that's OK!

so blaze had some rest. so I did in are pasture 2 horses stick to me game! angel was fine but blaze doesn't like me playing with her and him at the same time so he gave me a little trouble so I just played with that till he gave and I even got it on video so it will be in my next video. and then y'all know how when pat is riding one horse and has a norther playing the stick to me game? well I try ed that. I was bridle less and bareback. and angel was at liberty. this was my first try at liberty only done it a couple of times with a rope but I was like well it's worth a try! and she did Great and so did blaze she stayed with me in the middle of a pasture with other horses at the walk and trot it was so cool and even got that on tape!!!!!!

well until next time may the horse be with you! ;)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Teaching something new!

Hey Savvy Friends!

Today I played with Joy. I was teaching her to bow and she's doing really Great with that. she's very easy to teach so this has been no problem! all I have to do is lift her leg and she will go down and once she's really good with bowing then I'll try laying down. but I'm not gonna ask to soon. cause it's really easy for a horse to go RBI if you try to get them to lay down and i know joy is LBI but I know if I push her she will go RBI so I'm having savvy on that. after I was done with that then I did a little bit of figure 8s she was really good on that very confident. then I went to the hanging tarp and she was like aah I don't care she's very lay ed back so the hanging tarp she went though it with no problem. then I went to a tree that fell I few years ago and I asked her to jump that and she did. she's a little sloppy jumping but she will get better. then I started to walk back and she was at the end of the 12 foot line behind me and she got exited and took off pass me at a bolt and I held steady and she hit the end and she was like DANG I wanted to run so she came back and I gave her a treat. so were playing with allot of stuff now.

that's all for now Keep in Natural

Monday, January 26, 2009

He Went From LBI To RBE To RBI Wow!

Today I started with a 12 foot line just to get ready for liberty and Blaze looked Pretty Confident. and then I took it off and I was in are 5 ac pasture that has are other horses on there. (I play in a open pasture cause my round pen is too small) but anyway I started doing more weave and MAN he Got RBE and started taking off and I was like okkkkkkkkk what's this all about??? and I kept asking him to come back cause he wouldn't run far but when I would ask him to do the first weave he would take off. so I stop ed and waited and thought do it at the walk first DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he was petty good! and I went back and forth over and over till he looked ready for the trot. and guess what he did Great!

Then I started doing zone 5 driving at liberty. (doing the weave pattern) and he was funny he would go WAY out the turn then go WAY out again lol. so after doing it a little bit he finally started going close to the cone. Success! and I finally taught him to when I'm asking him to back up by the tail I got him to start turning with me that was neat! so that's how I ended the day!

Until next time Keep in Natural! :)

Savvy On!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What A LBI

Today I did some liberty with blaze. and i started thinking The song the song that I'm gonna use if they pick me for the savvy spotlight. so I chose liberty and freestyle if I get to do a nother song I chose Freestyle for the next song. And Blaze was being So LBI I got him to Circle around me at liberty (Close circle) and going to the Right was Good! and then I asked for the Left. and he put his ears back and acted like he was gonna Kick me lol. then I was like OK you not Gonna do that. and I Asked for the trot and he wasn't to happy about it he would go half a Circle then stop so every time he would do that I would say nope keep going and about 10 Min's later he Finally did 1 Circle! Yay! then I stoped that.

Then I moved on to a Figure 8 (at liberty) and each turn he would stop and look at the cone and I would have to ask him to come more to me and keep going. and he did end up doing a figure 8 without stoping and I was like Good boy! then I said how about the weave pattern and WOW he was good got a walk and trot.

so I ended it by trimming his hoofs giving him a treat and there you go that was my day. Until next time my savvy Friends

Keep it Natural!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How Interesting!!!

Today I played with Spirit trying to get him on a Tire filled with dirt. so he kept stepping over it trying his best not to try. so I got a couple of try es. so I but the lead rope around his leg and asked him to step up and he did! so he got off and started backing away. and Blaze was watching the whole time! so he came down the hill looked at me and spirit and got on the tire like this is how you do it LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dropped my mouth!!!!! unbelievable I mean Really!!!! a LBI coming to you when you didn't ask and not even playing with him and gets on the tire??????????? someone was Jealous!!!

so I said well I guess I'll play with you since you offord. and man he was Happy!!!! so I got on him with just a halter and 12 foot line made them into 2 reins. and did some simple stuff trying to get my balance better at the trot canter bareback. and so I started doing simple leads in a figure 8 and I got him to do 2 Flying lead changes WOW!!!!!!!!!!! HE OFFERD!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I said OK OK this is good!!!! so I started doing side passes walk was really good!! and what was so cool is that he was offering a soft feel this was amazing. so I started doing a side pass at the trot going from right to left etc. and what was so cool about that was he has such a fast trot ALL THE TIME and his trot was very slow and very balanced which was really cool.

and here we go the canter he has a fast canter and in the SS it shows swinging the shoulders and he did that for me! got him to side pass at the canter to the right and left which he hates anything on his Left side being done. so I got the 12 foot line off while I was on his back and I put it around his leg and he layed down!!!!!!!!!!! I know he's done it before but not so easy! so I got off and sat there a few minuets and I pushed him all the way down and we both lay ed all the way down and that was really neat he was happy he offered everything and I didn't have to force anything on him ,

so I guess in the end when it's his Idea to play he will be more happy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks Freinds

I would like to say thanks to all my savvy Freinds and all of everyone that has left comments on my videos and has told me what a good job I've done Thanks!!!

and thanks to my close Freinds


If i forgot some sorry! but really THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Session

Today was Really good!

I started out doing figure 8s cause Blaze was Reilly RB and wanting to go so we started at the walk and he said he wanted to go faster! so I said OK go! and he started slipping cause the ground was wet so I was like um OK not a good idea,

then I moved on to follow the rail pattern for level 3 in finesse. and I did it on the outside of the round pen and blaze kept drifting away and I put him back and after 3 circles he got it. so I went to the right did the same thing so I moved up to the trot and he was really good! and moved to the canter he was wanting to go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooo fast so I kept makeing him slow down and after a bit he did really good and slow so I stop ed. then did some freestyle riding bridle less and wow at first he was like were GOING AND I SAID OK I'M HANGING ON TIGHT and he calmed down after I let him do what he wanted so there you go I stoped fed him and that's about it

Until next time may the horse be with you!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How I got Blaze and Fire. And found Parelli!

this is how I got Blaze and fire first Blaze was like 9 I think I'm not even sure if he's 13 I just guessed but anyway and I got him in 2004 I think anyway....... we got midnight and star first but I was just learning to ride I didn't no what parelli was just thought all you could do with a horse is ride anyway..... we got a new farrier cause the other I think messed up spirit feet up or wasn't good with them etc...so we hired Troy. and my mom told him how we were looking for a pony or a young horse so I could grow up with it. and he said he had 2 pony's for sale so we went to his house and first I saw fire cause the pony's were fire and blaze.....so I saw fire first he was SO skinny and scared so I didn't know he was a mustang....so I saw blaze I said I want him didn't do anything with him just saw him out in a pasture and the first word my mom said was do you like his color? I said YES lol...so he saddle blaze up not very nicely tho anyway I was riding him around (STILL a newbie) and the first thing blaze did was try and rub me off against the fence almost did to and I didn't care I wanted him. so later on I saw fire and I went up to him got in his tiny pen and went up to him (not tamed) and I still didn't know he was wild and just start petting his head I started going down his shoulder and NP and Troy walked out there and said you know that horse hasn't ever been touched down his face right I said no....later on I asked my mom why hasn't he ever been touched anywhere really she said because he a mustang I SAID WHAT!!!!!! and she said that why troy was amazed but on the drive home I said please please can I get them both and she was like we can't offord it so I said OK my Birthday is close fire was $100 I said ok I'll just buy fire not blaze cause blaze was $700 and i was like i really want blaze but I'll just get fire so the next day I looked out side and there was a horse trailer and it looked like my dads so my dad was at work I went down there and troy was putting blaze and fire in the pen we had I was like Oh MY Gosh THANK You so the next day I rode Blaze with my mom was watching it and he was doing OK he was RBE which parelli way for a horse is scared and I wasused to LBIs which is confident so a few weeks later I said can I ride by my self (first time) she said OK so I went got him saddle up and on I went. I had spit reins sooo.....um well I dropped one and Blaze wouldn't stop that about scared me to deth.so I was watching horse shows all the time oh boy try ed lunging all that crap and blaze just wouldn't listen all he new was forward backwards etc heck I thought it was cool if someone could back there horses far. so one day I was watching RFD TV and I saw parelli on and I watched it and was like WOW I want to do that they were playing with 2 demo horses that had problems and I was like wow! they were talking about how horses don't have personalities they have horsenality's I was like huh? horse sa what lol so anyway for hat Christmas I got level 1 of parelli program real basic stuff and so I moved on to level 2 then level 3 which I'm almost done now!

so that is how I got Blaze and Fire

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank's Fran

I would Just like to say thank you Fran for helping me be a better me and being such and inspiring person you awesome amazing cool brilliant and a fanatic Friend just one of the best people I have ever met in my life and I mean every word

and I hope you do Great at the course and i REALLY HOPE you pass level 3 it's time for you to be done with level 3

Fun Fun!!!!!!

well. the first of the year has started off Great! I've been playing more with finesse. and I learned one Lesson. and that is......the other day when I played with Blaze before I rode him. which I was gonna do a finesse session. anyway. when I got on he was doing Really well he was listening to me and having a great soft feel which was very nice. I even try ed cantering and he did such a beautiful Canter. wow awesome feeling. so today I didn't play with him before I start playing with finesse and it did not go so well he was with his head...tossing/chewing the bit/wanting to buck etc... so anyway the lesson I learned was that if I do a warm up and get him playing with me that finesse is allot easy er.

well going to bed night all happy new year

Savvy Out

Thursday, January 1, 2009

awwwwwwww to cute!

Today I got some really cute pics here we go


I got him to lay this way to cute!


isn't that sweet! every time I get him like that he almost falls a sleep just thought I would share that