"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How I got Blaze and Fire. And found Parelli!

this is how I got Blaze and fire first Blaze was like 9 I think I'm not even sure if he's 13 I just guessed but anyway and I got him in 2004 I think anyway....... we got midnight and star first but I was just learning to ride I didn't no what parelli was just thought all you could do with a horse is ride anyway..... we got a new farrier cause the other I think messed up spirit feet up or wasn't good with them etc...so we hired Troy. and my mom told him how we were looking for a pony or a young horse so I could grow up with it. and he said he had 2 pony's for sale so we went to his house and first I saw fire cause the pony's were fire and blaze.....so I saw fire first he was SO skinny and scared so I didn't know he was a mustang....so I saw blaze I said I want him didn't do anything with him just saw him out in a pasture and the first word my mom said was do you like his color? I said YES lol...so he saddle blaze up not very nicely tho anyway I was riding him around (STILL a newbie) and the first thing blaze did was try and rub me off against the fence almost did to and I didn't care I wanted him. so later on I saw fire and I went up to him got in his tiny pen and went up to him (not tamed) and I still didn't know he was wild and just start petting his head I started going down his shoulder and NP and Troy walked out there and said you know that horse hasn't ever been touched down his face right I said no....later on I asked my mom why hasn't he ever been touched anywhere really she said because he a mustang I SAID WHAT!!!!!! and she said that why troy was amazed but on the drive home I said please please can I get them both and she was like we can't offord it so I said OK my Birthday is close fire was $100 I said ok I'll just buy fire not blaze cause blaze was $700 and i was like i really want blaze but I'll just get fire so the next day I looked out side and there was a horse trailer and it looked like my dads so my dad was at work I went down there and troy was putting blaze and fire in the pen we had I was like Oh MY Gosh THANK You so the next day I rode Blaze with my mom was watching it and he was doing OK he was RBE which parelli way for a horse is scared and I wasused to LBIs which is confident so a few weeks later I said can I ride by my self (first time) she said OK so I went got him saddle up and on I went. I had spit reins sooo.....um well I dropped one and Blaze wouldn't stop that about scared me to deth.so I was watching horse shows all the time oh boy try ed lunging all that crap and blaze just wouldn't listen all he new was forward backwards etc heck I thought it was cool if someone could back there horses far. so one day I was watching RFD TV and I saw parelli on and I watched it and was like WOW I want to do that they were playing with 2 demo horses that had problems and I was like wow! they were talking about how horses don't have personalities they have horsenality's I was like huh? horse sa what lol so anyway for hat Christmas I got level 1 of parelli program real basic stuff and so I moved on to level 2 then level 3 which I'm almost done now!

so that is how I got Blaze and Fire

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