"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Liberty liberty I LOVE IT!!!!!

when I got home from work it was still day light. Yay! and I had my mom drop me off at the pasture. today I wanted to play with liberty since I've been playing on line for the past week. so, I started off just stick to me. which he was AMAZING!!! he is even bettered this. but now we can just canter around with my hand on his neck and be doing a slow canter!! he is so smart!!

Then since we have been playing with the cutting game I said I guess I'll see how that is going. and so I got the look on my face and started cutting and he was AMAZING again!!! I mean this was like Pat and magic. or Linda and Remmer. he did it just like them. and then when I reached out to pet him and he nipped me LOL, IT didn't hurt, but I laughed so hard. because I was like OH!" that is what Pat and Linda say when you got to be careful with that LOL, but,then I played with backing by the tail. and he wouldn't back up. and so I put him on line real quick to refresh his memory. ( I now find how important it is to put them back on line instead of trying to fix it at liberty) anyway. when I took the halter off again he knew what I meant, and I had like 2 hairs in my hand and he backed. and did it with no hands. then I went in the round pen. (round pen gate open) and played some circling game walk trot and canter. and transitions. and he did some beautiful flying lead changes. and we finally fixed his flying change from right to left.

and we also played with jumping 1 barrel to me. and he did Great! and after I was done I just sat there a few Min's just giving him some hugs and treats, and telling him how amazing he is. he kept sticking his nose into me. But, I am so proud of him. he is getting better and better everyday. and I know since i have changed for the good he has even got better, since I quite thinking about the "task" or passing a level. I'm gonna put the Relationship always first. and since I have he is amazing. and since I've had that attitude adjustment thank you Fran. again. everything is Great!"

That is all for today.

Keep it Natual