"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The best feeling

Lately I've been busy. I am actually starting my own natural Horsemanship training using the prinipals over Parelli natural horsemanship. My horsemanship program is called "HFH-Heart Felt Horsemanship." I will do things a little different from Parelli, using some of Honza Blaha's teachings.

few nights ago I totally took being natural to the extreme since last night I was talking to my friend on the phone "Fran" and she said said you want the relaionship with your horse to be like a mother and foal, so I said No carrot stick! I will not ask this horse to be with me, either he wants to or he doesn't! and he walked with me and I trotted off and Blaze kept walking...so I walked again and trotted off again no clucking or anything and he still didn't come about the 6th time he trotted with me and I stoped and rewarded him, and I did this for a while and he started getting playful, and I just took off and Blaze didn't follow then out of no where I stop and turn around and Blaze comes cantering to me tossing his head an being playful (bare in mind Blaze has NEVER done that ever! not even with the other horses) and I rewarded him and I ran and this time is when he ran to me with his ears up I about startd crying!

Blaze has made so much progress here lately and so have the others! Amour liberty is almost L4! she has the most amazing draw in a huge pasture and she loves to play the cutting game now, her spanish walk is awesome and now we are developng it under saddle. Her jumping is comming along really nicely too.

Going to Mirka's house is a couple of weeks, and staying there for a month and I am very excited about that because I am going to learn so much so I can't wait! and I can't wait to go to Amber's house in TN with Blaze to teach her some things about horses etc.

Of cours I have some more new video and they have turned out fantastic so here they are I hope everyone enjoys them.

This video is about the harsh words that have been spoken to me and how me and Blaze proved them wrong!

well that is all for now!!

Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some thought and learning

The song that is on my blog really does explain my Journey. Lately I've been looking back to where I was when I first began Parelli, and where I am now. It is truly phenomenal because just as the lyrics said: "All my life
I've seen it in my dreams Waiting for the day I'm just a second away." and I'm just so happy that I am living my dream. I have figured out the past few days that even if your partner is being "pushy" you don't have to be firm and back them out of your space, rather just gently back them by the chest. Just as Honza Blaha says "By backing a horse up by wiggling the rope and they stick their head up you are teaching them to put their head up." And that is very true. Yes, I am starting to Learn by watching Honza Blaha, he has so much to offer me and Blaze.

Blaze has been advancing nicely, Tho he is probably a little upset that I have played with him so much, Got carried away with having a wonderful time. need to do some UDT-Undemanding time with him. the idea of piaffe is wonderful, he is doing very well with it, and very well with finesse in general.

Amour is just the cutest horse. I've taught her the Spanish walk, and also sideways to me, she is so smart and can learn something within 5 minutes. I'm just about ready to start L4 things with her.

Angel is Great to, I've rode her a little bit, slowly building her confidence under saddle since she tends to go catatonic. My friend Frances, really opened my eyes about a horse going catatonic, it is different from what I thought. she said "catatonic is the state of shock the horse goes into when they're about to be killed. It's mother natures way of making their death less painful." probably not exactly how she said it, but close. anyways Talking about a BFO! it totally made sense, Why didn't I know this before? Catatonic is ALLOT more extreme then I thought.

Joy is making great progress. I'm riding her more now that she is about to be 3. I cantered her last night, just allowing her to go where ever she wanted to, and she did really good. She is not at all concerned about me being on her back, she is totally LBI/LBE about it and really just doesn't like to go much, and it's not a "omgosh I'm to scared to go" it's a "Why should I? is there something in it for me? I must say this horse is so in Love with treats, I've never seen a Horse who loves treats as much as she does. her lying down is close, she goes on 2 knees easily and loves doing it now.

the others are in the process of learning the more advanced 7 games, like with obstacles etc.

I've played with a Horse everyday for the past 3/4 weeks. I am loving things.

It make some teary eyed just about every time I go to our pasture, Because I have 7 Horses meeting me at the gate like "Pick me! pick me!" there is nothing better then the feeling that ALL of your horses want to be with you.

I've made a couple of more videos, andI HAVE to share one special video

This video is of Fran Latane and her Horse crest, They have made phenomenal progress, I am so inspired, Not that Fran hasn't always inspired me to be better but this is just plain amazing! Fran never seizes to amaze me, everyone should watch it. talking about true unity!

and here is a video I made for her

and here is a new video of me and Blaze it has some old footage in it but still great (but some new footage

OK that is all for now

Hannah & Blaze

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He is just to smart!

Lately I have been playing with all of the horses allot since the weather has been so beautiful! everyone is making lots of progress.

I started playing with spirit the other day, I have learned that he is very unconfident under saddle, or bareback, and is so used to the pattern of people getting on, kicking to go, pulling to stop, etc. I showed him a different pattern. spirit has always had a rearing issue, ever since we got him in 2002? I believe, My mother, Janet, sent him to a trainer for 4 months and the trainer said he was a big challenge...back then we knew nothing of parelli, therefor who knows what abuse spirit went under, the trainer surely didn't solve the rearing issue, rather just the biting issue. anyways I got on spirit and just let him do whatever and then I slowly start guiding him where I wanted to go, and spirit started offering to trot with no rearing and even cantered a few strides, and I asked him to stop and got off and ended the session, like Pat Parelli says "end the session when things are at their best" and that is exactly what I did, spirit was shocked. before, Spirit would bolt off when you would take the halter off, this time he stayed with me and didn't want to leave my side, I believe that it was one of those sessions that you could truly say was it as good for you as it was for me? I think spirit would've said yes it was.

I haven't really started Joy all that much, just sitting on her back and letting her go where ever, she is a very confident horse, it does not scare her one bit with me sitting on her back at all gaits, the reason I haven't really started her is because for a QH she is kinda small and I didn't want to mess up her growing process but now she is almost 3, her Birthday is next month, just as mine. anyways I had a Good little ride on her guiding her around and she did really good.

I also Rode Angel, Angel has been different lately, every time you pick up the reins she sticks her head to the ground trying to avoid what you are asking her to do, when she did this i just played along and let her do it and didn't try to ask her to put her head down, I was starting to think it could be catatonic, but wasn't sure. but once I did that for a little bit she started doing better.

Amour was next, she is such a silly girl, she wanted to chew on the halter for a little bit, but once she was done I hoped up on her and then had a nice ride, I played with "tit for tat" since she had some where she wanted to go and after that we had a nice little canter up the hill, even tho her canter is way to fast! but we'll get that better over time.

Now, My main man Mr. Blaze!
he is just MARVELOUS!!! I've gotten more video since last time I wrote, Yes I have been making allot lately cause the weather and been beyond gorgeous lately, But it was very funny, Blaze is now offering piaffe, Funny thing about this is seems like every time I am determined to learn something, Blaze offers it with no problem when I'm not even asking for it YET...example, about a month or 2 ago I wanted to teach Blaze to lay down just by me tapping the ground, OK, I was telling My dear Friend Frances that I wanted to teach Blaze this so that same day I go to the pasture Not even asking for it and Blaze lays down ....now just today I was watching a video of a horse doing piaffe and I said I want to do that one day! and what do you know Blaze offers it today. seems like Blaze is always 1 step ahead of me, that or he just reads my mind. I've also been doing some jumping and barreal racing, Yes, Blaze was a Barrel racing horse before I got him so he is pretty good.....also our finesse has gradually improved allot since my last post, we only has 1 more thing to do in the finesse assessment list and that is flying lead changes with no log, so I am excited about that but also won't rush it because it just a string and certificate, and the relationship means the world to me! I am truly living my dream I have an amazing bond with my horse and that was my dream. I am just so humbled.

Here is our best video yet!

Blaze's first Piaffe

Bridle less jumping and barrel racing

My Neice Tybee playing with Blaze

now here are some awesome pictures I got of me and Blaze




well that is all for now

Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feeling Positive and Progressive!

Friday, Me and my parents, and my brother, Elijah, went to Tennessee to look at some houses, and visit a church that we Plan on going to if we can move up there. it was a fantastic adventure, I haven't been to TN since I was 10. we Visited some family, and I also got to talk to the Pastor's wife at grace church, she has 5 Horses and wants me to teach her when we move to TN,
Crossing into TN felt like home, I wasn't born there, but I know it's where we're meant to be.

Here is our TN trip, I got allot of funny things filmed.

we Got home Sunday night around 1:30 Am, Annabell, (our 6 month old Pup) got Pregnant a few weeks ago by a neighbors dog. we got to the house and she had 5 girl pups that was born that day. she is a fantastic mother, considering her age, she is better then most mom's I've seen. Pretty neat that she had them on Resurrection day huh?
here are some photo's of her puppy's

Monday, I went to work to find that my C2 Cradle bridle got here. that night, got home and tried it out and Blaze Loves it! he doesn't want to chew on it, or grind so to speak. he was perfect and very light for the matter, super glad I bought it, here are some photo's

He looks rather dashing, don't you think?...Things have been great, I got some new footage with Blaze today and found the time to make a new video, he was fantastic and is offering all kinds of great things, super proud of my handsom boy! here is the video, enjoy.

well, I better get in bed, it's very late and I should have been in bed a long time ago but had somethings to do now I can finally sleep.

one last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Hannah & Blaze