"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What is a "Foundation?"

Since my previous post, I have gotten a few emails asking "What is a foundation to you?"

I feel a basic foundation is training in everything most horses need to know how to do: starting, stopping, turning, transitions, loading, clipping, washing, tying, side passing, standing for grooming, mounting and farrier work, and carrying people, packs, jackets, etc.  I would say that these are things that if you sent your colt to a trainer, you should have at the end of 90-days.  

A solid foundation would be a bit more, say through the colt's first year.  Where you do all of that plus the basics of riding in a group, trail obstacles, shows, a few clinics.  The horse is learning collection and to carry themselves with a rider comfortably in many environments.  
Without a proper foundation, your horse won't progress to his true potential and be able to maintain performance-whether it's on the trail or in the arena.


Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is a blog I have been meaning to write for a while now.

The quote:
"Don't make, or teach assumptions".
Is something that has been though my mind over and over again though out the years. Mainly because my horses "Assume" what I want all to often, Especially Blazey boy.

It's not really a big issue for me, I can handle it, but is it important for everyone to understand that Teaching assumptions can be dangerous.

Why does Blaze assume things? That's easy, trick training. Here is one of the main reasons I am writing this blog: I have questions though emails, messages, all the time with people who are basically beginners wanting to know how to teach a horse to lay down, rear, paw, Spanish walk, bow, etc. And their horses don't even have a solid foundation. (I was one of those who did not, an still don't, have a solid foundation.) It is very frustrating for me when you know how dangerous these tricks can be once they are taught. Truth is, once you teach one of these tricks, and give them a treat every time, you teach an assumption.

I see it all the time, when a horse does one of these tricks, people think "Aww they offered it!" and then they give them a treat, THAT is by far the worst thing possible, you're horse does not need to do any trick UNLESS you ask them.

Because I didn't follow my own advice, I have been in quite a few dangerous situations; Blaze rearing up almost striking me in the face,(wanted a treat.) horses pawing me in the back, legs, etc. Because they was assuming.
I would advise everyone to learn the basics, get more advanced. (if your Parelli, wait till you are at least Level 3 or 4 before attempting to teach any trick). Not only will you have a safer horse to teach, but your horse will be more physically, and mentally ready, and so will you.

So please, PLEASE, learn the basics before specialization. I can not tell you how many times I wish I would have taught the basics before trying to specialize things..

Thanks to my mentors, I'm really starting to see though the eyes of a teacher!

I hope this is helpful!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Developing a new mindset

One thing I have struggled with from the very beginning of my journey is developing a new mindset, or in other words, thinking like a horse during every moment of our play sessions. It is so easy to start thinking like a predator, or start getting ahead of your self, and you're horses abilities. I think it is really important to make sure you're doing things FOR the horse, not for your own personally wants, or to him.

What I just wrote is something I have struggled with myself big time. A few weeks ago, Mirka told me that Blaze shouldn't even be ridden right now, (because he has no back muscle). This was a true test whether I was doing things FOR him, or doing things because I WANTED too. Because I love to ride, and I found myself struggling because I wanted to improve things under saddl such as trot, canter, lead changes). Isn't it amazing how selfish we become when it comes to our wants? And our horses needs? Usually we put our wants before our horses needs, and I've done that allot. And it has really jeopardized my relationship with some of my horses, (in the past.)

So, how do we change this? By developing a new mindset!! Having someone be straight up with you, learning how IMPORTANT the horses needs are before your wants. Learning to TRULY care about how your horse feels about you.

Why is this so difficult?
Because we usually look at horses as some sort of entertainment, a hobby, something fun for us. How many people truly look at a horse as you would a friend? you wouldn't ask you're friend to do something for you if they were sick, or in pain right?
I think the secret is learning how to treat your horse like you would your best friend. And of course, no friendship is perfect, friends fight and have misunderstandings. Just like you will with your horse, but you will learn to work together.

This is something that Mirka has really helped me change about myself, and I'm still working on it. Never ending self improvment right?

Something to lick and chew on!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

What we learned

While I was in FL, Mirka mainly focused on Water hole rituals. So, I have learned all of them and a whole lot more.

The water hole rituals are:
1.Sharing Territory
2.Saying Hello
3.Taking Territory
4.Eye Contact
5.Leading from Behind.
6.Companion Walking
7.Go trot and come up

For now, here are some pictures:






Here is a pictures of Layla

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm back!!

Hey guys, I know it has been aproximaily FOREVER since I have wrote an update.

Well I'm finally back from FL and I must say that I learned more then I ever have in my life, Blaze has totally changed. And I came back with a new FILLY!

Her name is Layla, she is a perlino mare. 7 months old.

Her Reg name will probably be R 'n'R's Smokin Layla.
Her Dad is Alabama Rock n' roll. And her Mom is PR smokin Kitty. Layla has 2 BEAUTIFUL blue eyes. And a star, and a hild stocking. She knows almost all the games, trailer loads herself, will go over poles, tarps, get on pedestals, etc. She's only known natural horsemanship.

Here are some of her first day pictures with her Mom:

I'll have some new pictures of her soon.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Very humbling

I've been enjoying doing Carolyn Resnick's water hole rituals with all of my horses.

I'm really seeing a huge difference in each of my horses attitude toward me, I feel like I am truly being "accepted" into the heard, instead of the human who just comes to visit.

For over a week I did the first water hole ritual. The first day, nobody would visit me, It was rather sad but true moment, to know they choose the grass over you. But I thought hard about it, and came to the realization that usually the only reason I visit them is to "Ask" something of them. Stepping into their bubble without permission, haltering with no permission, saddling with no permission, riding with no permission. No wonder nobody wanted to come see me. All always wanted something out of them. Sure I would sometimes hang out with them, but not nearly enough.

The second day I waited 30 minutes, just reading a book. And next thing I know everyone comes to visit me, Except for the ones who were not allowed near the dominant horses-Aka Blaze and Fire. But everyone was kinda RB about me sitting their, since I usually don't come up their to hang out. But everyone started nibbling on me and then they started crowding me so I moved about 20 feet away and Blaze came to visit. It was so sweet that he fell asleep next to me, then got a rude awakening by some rude dominant horses. He got ran off and Spirit, Angel, Joie, and Amour came to me wanting some petting. After about 15 minutes everyone went to sleep: Spirit rested his head on my shoulder, Angel rested her head on my lap, Joie rested her head on top of Angel's head, and Amour rested her head on my arm. I felt a huge break though that day.

The next day everyone visited me even quicker, and so on and so forth.

The last day before I moved onto the second ritual I couldn't believe it-- Blaze was the first one to visit me, he was in a rush to get to me. He came to me and allowed me to pet him and then he went behind me and put his face right up against mine, This is very unusual for Blaze, he does not like his face being touched much. then went to sleep. Fire came up to me and kinda stood in front of me and just wanted some petting, and Amour attempted to visit me but fire did something very strange, he started doing this little nicker at her, I still don't know what he was doing but it was almost like he was saying "Get back!!" and she came closer and Fire chased her away and came back. Then before I knew it Fire tried to bite me, and Blaze got very mad and chased Fire away. then came back behind me and rested his face against mine....It actually made me tear up cause Blaze is not that kinda horse, he gets jealous, but he never tries to protect me. And he does not care to stay near me for long..He stayed their an hour, then I had to leave and he followed me.

By the time I moved onto the next water hole ritual all the horses said "hello" to me first, so I was like well...I guess I can move onto the next one. But the only one who needed to next one was Joie, because she'll run you over for food.

But anyways I'll get to the main point.

The other day I decided to play with Blaze online and liberty, (It has been awhile since I have done either). And Blaze was very responsive, I think we kinda lost our 4 canter circles online but honestly I don't care for him to have to do a million circles. If he doesn't like it why do it? he doesn't find no point in it, and neither do I. So we worked on some jumping, and usually Blaze will hit his hoofs up against the barrels a bit and be very lazy and "Blah" about it. This time he jumped almost 2 feet over the barrels with ears up and very enthusiastic about it.

I also played at liberty and he was AMAZING.

The next day I wanted to try to do a cross country course bridle less, and bareback. But I wanted to gradually increase the amount of jumps. So that day I only put 2 jumps, about 60 feet apart. When I first started, Blaze dodged the jumps, so I slowed it down and showed him what I wanted him to do., and then asked again and he galloped to the jump and flew over it and I was going to ask him to stop but he ran right to the other one and jumped it perfectly, he did not touch neither jump. It was incredible

I really think Blaze is starting to jump higher and more enthusiastically though heart and the desire to please me. It is a really incredible feeling when he wants to clear every jump, with ears forward, with so much impulsion. You can just feel the power as he jumps. Very humbling.

He wants me to be his partner--Friend. 50/50 partnership.

"We need to set an example for our horse in the kind of leadership that we would like him to offer us. This way, the horse learns to treat us exactly like we treat him in regards to leadership. This creates a 50/50 partnership, with the exception that we are the ultimate leaders of our horse because we are setting leadership by example. Captivity requires leadership."-Carolyn Resnick

before I truly believe that the only reason we could do great liberty etc, is because he felt like he had to be....Not anymore!

And Blaze is not the only one who is making more progress, All of my horses are. And this is all because 1 water hole ritual...Can you imagine what will happen when I do them all? I can't wait.

Sorry for the long post, but I just had to share.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mirka Pitts

What I love most about Mirta Pitts:

she always shares her knowledge, She's not like many people whom I've met that want to keep most info to their selves because their afraid that people will get "better then them." Instead Mirka loves sharing, she is a sharaholic! she does whatsoever in her power to get you to where you need to be. She helps you be the best you can be regardless of you're learning abilities.

She's very friendly, but she is firm when she needs to be. Her timing is spectacular. She turned me into a Lazy, freestyle western rider, into a dressage rider! (Well I'm getting their, I still have some work to do).

I have found myself making more progress then ever since I've interned for her. In fact, I am going back to her ranch soon to intern with one of my friends. I am looking forward to it!

I consider Mirka one of the best horsewoman in the world. I know I've mentioned Mirka allot, But I will never be able to show exactly how grateful I am for all she has taught me, and for allowing me to come to her place. I don't even think she knows how grateful I am, I only hope to one day repay her.

And I've said it thousands of times before and I could say it again!

Visit her website!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Water hole rituals

I've been extremely interested in Carolyn Resnick's method. She is brilliant! also she explains thing so clearly, and truly is the best method I've found so far.

Today I did the first water hole ritual: took me a book, and a chair and sat in the pasture. All of the horses ignored me for about 20 minutes, or so. and then they came to me. Except for Blaze because he was not allowed near the dominant horses. I then moved my chair from the herd, and Blaze came to me and fell asleep next to me, Then the others came: Spirit sat his chin on my shoulder, Angel sat her head on my lap, Joie sat her head on top of Angel's head, And Amour sat her head on my arm. everyone almost fell asleep. It was really sweet!
The herd is getting better! everyone loves coming up to me and being played with, I cannot wait to move onto the next watering hole rituals

This is just a quick update!



Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long since I have wrote! I've been extremely busy lately.

I've been having a wonderful time with my Equine partners, we're both learning so much, and both are very happy. Blaze is doing very well! we've been doing allot of freestyle work, and allot of finesse work. It's been going very well! Blaze is cantering happily without speeding up, which is wonderful, that was something we struggled with for quite some time.

Angel is really coming along, Her reining spins are fantastic! she's really starting to look like a real reining horse. I do have a video of her spinning, on face book.

I'm also getting ready to possibly go visit Mirka for another month, or so. With my friend Emily, if everything works out of course.

After that I am probably going to be traveling around with my friend Amber, She has somethings she's been doing in AL but she lives in TN so she might be bringing her horses back and forth and I get to bring Blaze. And also be teaching her etc.

Anyways just a quick little update! I'll try to keep everyone updated more often.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Love, Language, and Leadership


Understand the individual horse’s needs.  Some horses are extroverts, others introverts.  Some are right brain (unconfident/fearful) others are left brain (confident/dominant).  Each needs a different approach or difficulties ensue.

Put the relationship and the horse’s needs first-his need for safety, comfort, food play; for bonding, for communication and interaction.

Learn to flex your behavioral style to gain rapport and respect from the horse.

Use equine psychology and an understanding of heard dynamics in terms of bonding and hierarchy.
Learn the language and way of horses, which is primarily body language and playful interaction.
Start on the ground, it is better for horses and for humans.  This is the best place to form a relationship, read the horse, communicate and gain understanding.

Become a good leader for your horse, override predatory tendencies (impatience, direct-line thinking, autocracy, tendency to micromanage) understand the horse’s perspective, put principles before goals.
Train your horse without punishment.
Analyze your horse and determine his or her individual Horsenality.  This ensures horses are treated according to their needs for calmness trust and motivation rather than all horses being treated the same.  You’ll learn when to speed up or slow down, to ask more or ask less, when to focus on confidence and trust, and when to focus on advancement.

Put the relationship first.  When a horse truly trusts you, there is no down time.    Even after long breaks horses remember everything.  It’s like picking up a relationship and conversation between best friends.

Monday, July 26, 2010


When I was a kid I took piano lessons. Even though my piano lessons were just once a week, my piano teacher gave me the assignment of practicing every day. That way when she came back a week later I could show some improvement from the week before.
Think about how you approach delivering a presentation. Do you think about it as a one time event, or as an opportunity to practice your preparation and delivery skills?

I think one of the most important principles of success is the concept of PRACTICE.

I think most people, myself included, lose value in the simple fundamentals of the game, such as “going out to practice.”

There is no limit to growth.  There is no level where you’re “too good to practice.”  There’s always another level.

For those that view going out and improving yourself to be “work” or a “chore”, then this might upset you.  You will never reach a point where you’re “complete.”  This is something you must accept. 

Might as well learn to ENJOY the process. ;)

The best in the world continue to PRACTICE . 

“Practice as if you are the worst, perform as if you are the best.” To this day, I continue to go out and “practice” and look for ways to become more excellent with my horsemanship skills.  As should you.

Hannah & Blaze

Friday, July 23, 2010


Consistency and persistence can work wonders in your progress with your horse. Everyday playing can make a huge differnce in your relationship, progress, and everything in between. A few days ago I had a major hassle with Angel, she was literally throwing a hissy fit for no apperent reason. All I was asking her to do is move her FQs over, and I was very gentle about it because she is very sensitive (RBI). anywho I was quite discouraged after that, our session ended well but I just felt like we were never going to make progress if she kept getting fustraded with anything new I was asking of her.

I then remembered what Mirka said to me when I was an intern for her: "Consistancy is one of the keys to my progress, riding your horse 1, 2, 3 times a week just isn't going to cut it. It has to be everyday." I then decided if I truly want angel to be as good as her 3 year olds in 1 year then I am going to have to ride her everyday and even I don't have time to play with her everyday atleast take the time to do some mosey!

Another thing I learned is don't stop doing some thing just because it is hard. All to often I used to say "oh riding is to hard so I'll just play on the ground." this is also the reason why me and blaze's online and liberty are much more advanced then our freestyle and finesse. So now I have made myself do things that are hard and I have learned so much since then.

So I want to encourage each and everyone of you to do the hard things. Don't stop doing something just because it's hard, now I know you don't do this is all situations because you want to make sure that your horse knows what your asking.

That is all for now!

Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moved to a new location!


My new blog URL!

PS: Thank you Lea for showing me how to do this!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Lately my patience has been my best friend. I've been taking my time to watch our herd, and researching on horse physiology.

I have learned that Whether your horse is competing at high levels or just being used for the occasional trail ride, it must have a certain level of fitness to perform well and endure the activity without injury. Asking the horse to do too much, too soon, can spell trouble. This is especially true for those pasture potatoes that have had little in the way of regular exercise, and are then suddenly expected to carry their owner on a two-hour trail ride. Regardless of the discipline the horse is used for, they should be gradually adapted to greater workloads over time.

I guess in other words my horses are about to go though boot camp. Tho they get played with they are still not in shape, Blaze is in pretty good shape but the others not so much.

My training involves a combination of physical conditioning and task-specific schooling (i.e., schooling in the various tasks required of a specific event or competition).

Since I play on competing in the future I am starting them on a fitness program.

success of a conditioning program relies on the body's adaptive response to the stress of exercise. If the horse performs the same amount of exercise every day, a certain level of fitness is attained as the horse adapts to the workload. However, without a further increase in training load (an increase in training duration, intensity, or both), there will be no further increase in fitness. To achieve a conditioning or training effect, the horse must be subjected to gradual increases in workload. Each new level of training is maintained until the body has adapted to the added stress, after which a further increase in training load can be applied. Alternating periods of increasing workload with a period of adaptation is known as progressive loading.

one great exercise is working the horse over hilly terrain, it has the advantage of increasing the heart rate (workload) without increasing speed, thereby sparing the bones, tendons and ligaments from excessive stress. One of the most important principles of conditioning is that of individual differences. Horses vary in their individual response to conditioning. Therefor all of my horses will have a different fitness program.

An adequate level of fitness is necessary for horses to perform to their potential. Proper conditioning also helps prevent injuries that may arise when an unfit horse is pushed beyond its physical capacity.

Really interesting stuff I'm learning!
By the way
My conditioning program will have lots of playing and not dull boring drills.
I will keep everyone updated on their progress.

Hopefully our laptop will be fixed so that I can start uploading pictures.

Hannah & Blaze

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working on things

Well as usual I've been over and beyond busy, that seems to be the routine lately. Also the internet has been out.
But anyways

I actually haven't had a whole lot of time to play lately. But I finally found time today and rode Blaze and Angel.

After having a fabulous ride on Mr. Blaze I rode Angel and she was wonderful! I have decided to show her in reining when she has had more training. which her training starts tomorrow, she should be ready to show in a year, or so. I'm considering showing Blaze, and Amour in dressage, Blaze is ready to show, but Amour isn't. I need to buy the suit to be able to show and everything for Blaze of course. I think that Joie would be better in cutting, just needs to be trained. I'm hoping to begin showing when we move to Tennessee, and maybe show a little while we're still her is Georgia.

well just a short little update! hopfully I can keep this updated more often.

Hannah & De Alumbrado

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from florida

Well I went home early from florida because of course I couldn't miss fathers day! I was there for 3 weeks interning for Mirka Pitts. I have learned more then I ever thought I would, Mirka is one of the best teachers! it's like I got a private lesson from her everyday.

Everyday I rode 8 horses, and depending on wether or not Mirka's husband wanted me to ride an extra one, so sometimes I rode 9 horses a day. I started 3 horses while I was down there and it was pretty incredible, I started tobasco, a 5 year old paint gelding. Reba I 2 year old bay QH mare. And Decon a 2 year old buckskin stallion, I still can't believe I started a stallion! Mirka really helped me out with each one because she would come and watch and if she saw that I was doing something wrong she could quickly correct me.

The first weekend I was there I got to show at my first horse show ever, I showed Blaze in 6 classes and he did very well! in 2 clases 3rd place and it 1 class 2nd place and in another one 4th place. And in a couple we didn't place. I also got to show in a reining Class with a beautiful paint gelding named slidder. We didn't win but it was so much fun to be able to show and very tiring.

We also went on 2 trail rides and we were at some of the most beautiul places that I have ever seen and we went to a cross country course and jumped allot. and best part saterday I got to ride at the bay bridle less and bareback, NEVER got to do that before and it was truly one of my dreams!

all together I think Mirka is incredible! she helped me get Blaze balanced and helped me get Amour balanced and now they both with trot with their head to the ground and getting there at the canter. She has inspired me so much and has shared so much knowledge with me. I cannot wait to go back! Mirka made a few videos so here they are.

More videos to come!

Hannah & Blaze

Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost time

Tomorrow I am leaving for Florida to go down to my friends house for a month, with Blaze, and Amour!.... this is going to be so much fun. I am sure I will learn allot and get plenty of videos, and pictures.

Blaze and Amour are all ready to go, we're getting our trailer back today from Trailer for less (the trailer had a break problem.) then I can pack up my Ropes, halters, saddles, pads. etc. and of course today packing cloths. I'm getting real excited because this Woman is AMAZING!! she can take any horse and have them amazing really fast and I am looking forward to see her at work!

After I get back from Mirka's I a going to TN to train some Horses (I get to bring Blaze with me!)..It's actually kinda weird that I am now traveling around some helping people with their horses, but really exciting to, cause I am expanding my teaching ability's!

I am not sure if I will be able to access a computer while I am down there so if not I will tell everyone all about it when I get back.

I do have some new videos, and pictures!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bridle less Dressage etc.

Blaze has been learning Natural Dressage with no bridle, or halter, he is doing exceedingly well. He is now starting to collect at the trot and walk and being able to hold it longer, and longer. Also he will back up and be able to collect, it is really neat stuff. I've started on the ground with him and have built it to under saddle. He's getting really close to being able to assess level 4 finesse, I want everything to look like a dance and truly be able to do every task before I even think about sending my Level 4 finesse in. I've seen allot of people sending their auditions in and not being able to do truly every task, or their horse will "some times" do the task but the rules truly state for L3/4 that the horse must be ale to do it every time, and it's kinda like cheating otherwise. And I don't want to be one of them. anyways Amours liberty is getting closer to L5, on some games, she is extremely start and I've taught her to pick up my carrot stick, and my next goal is to teach her to paint. Her Spanish walk is perfect and she is starting to be able to do it under saddle.

My next goal is to teach her lead changes, she hasn't ever been asked to canter for more then a few seconds so I'm playing with asking her to canter longer, and longer, and once she has that I will be able to teach her simple lead changes, then one day flying lead changes.

Angel's zone 5 driving is coming along great! her liberty is really good to, she is just about ready to self assess level 3 all the way though, except for freestyle we still have some task to learn there. But in no rush! relationship first.

I am really starting to be my horses "Mother" rather the leader, and every single one of my horses are meeting me at the gate everyday and nicker at me and love to follow me around which is extremely awesome and has always been one of my goals! neat stuff.

Besides that I'm just preparing for Florida, and getting really excited about this trip, and I will be sure to take pictures and videos if I have time of course!

Here is a few new pictures.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The best feeling

Lately I've been busy. I am actually starting my own natural Horsemanship training using the prinipals over Parelli natural horsemanship. My horsemanship program is called "HFH-Heart Felt Horsemanship." I will do things a little different from Parelli, using some of Honza Blaha's teachings.

few nights ago I totally took being natural to the extreme since last night I was talking to my friend on the phone "Fran" and she said said you want the relaionship with your horse to be like a mother and foal, so I said No carrot stick! I will not ask this horse to be with me, either he wants to or he doesn't! and he walked with me and I trotted off and Blaze kept walking...so I walked again and trotted off again no clucking or anything and he still didn't come about the 6th time he trotted with me and I stoped and rewarded him, and I did this for a while and he started getting playful, and I just took off and Blaze didn't follow then out of no where I stop and turn around and Blaze comes cantering to me tossing his head an being playful (bare in mind Blaze has NEVER done that ever! not even with the other horses) and I rewarded him and I ran and this time is when he ran to me with his ears up I about startd crying!

Blaze has made so much progress here lately and so have the others! Amour liberty is almost L4! she has the most amazing draw in a huge pasture and she loves to play the cutting game now, her spanish walk is awesome and now we are developng it under saddle. Her jumping is comming along really nicely too.

Going to Mirka's house is a couple of weeks, and staying there for a month and I am very excited about that because I am going to learn so much so I can't wait! and I can't wait to go to Amber's house in TN with Blaze to teach her some things about horses etc.

Of cours I have some more new video and they have turned out fantastic so here they are I hope everyone enjoys them.

This video is about the harsh words that have been spoken to me and how me and Blaze proved them wrong!

well that is all for now!!

Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some thought and learning

The song that is on my blog really does explain my Journey. Lately I've been looking back to where I was when I first began Parelli, and where I am now. It is truly phenomenal because just as the lyrics said: "All my life
I've seen it in my dreams Waiting for the day I'm just a second away." and I'm just so happy that I am living my dream. I have figured out the past few days that even if your partner is being "pushy" you don't have to be firm and back them out of your space, rather just gently back them by the chest. Just as Honza Blaha says "By backing a horse up by wiggling the rope and they stick their head up you are teaching them to put their head up." And that is very true. Yes, I am starting to Learn by watching Honza Blaha, he has so much to offer me and Blaze.

Blaze has been advancing nicely, Tho he is probably a little upset that I have played with him so much, Got carried away with having a wonderful time. need to do some UDT-Undemanding time with him. the idea of piaffe is wonderful, he is doing very well with it, and very well with finesse in general.

Amour is just the cutest horse. I've taught her the Spanish walk, and also sideways to me, she is so smart and can learn something within 5 minutes. I'm just about ready to start L4 things with her.

Angel is Great to, I've rode her a little bit, slowly building her confidence under saddle since she tends to go catatonic. My friend Frances, really opened my eyes about a horse going catatonic, it is different from what I thought. she said "catatonic is the state of shock the horse goes into when they're about to be killed. It's mother natures way of making their death less painful." probably not exactly how she said it, but close. anyways Talking about a BFO! it totally made sense, Why didn't I know this before? Catatonic is ALLOT more extreme then I thought.

Joy is making great progress. I'm riding her more now that she is about to be 3. I cantered her last night, just allowing her to go where ever she wanted to, and she did really good. She is not at all concerned about me being on her back, she is totally LBI/LBE about it and really just doesn't like to go much, and it's not a "omgosh I'm to scared to go" it's a "Why should I? is there something in it for me? I must say this horse is so in Love with treats, I've never seen a Horse who loves treats as much as she does. her lying down is close, she goes on 2 knees easily and loves doing it now.

the others are in the process of learning the more advanced 7 games, like with obstacles etc.

I've played with a Horse everyday for the past 3/4 weeks. I am loving things.

It make some teary eyed just about every time I go to our pasture, Because I have 7 Horses meeting me at the gate like "Pick me! pick me!" there is nothing better then the feeling that ALL of your horses want to be with you.

I've made a couple of more videos, andI HAVE to share one special video

This video is of Fran Latane and her Horse crest, They have made phenomenal progress, I am so inspired, Not that Fran hasn't always inspired me to be better but this is just plain amazing! Fran never seizes to amaze me, everyone should watch it. talking about true unity!

and here is a video I made for her

and here is a new video of me and Blaze it has some old footage in it but still great (but some new footage

OK that is all for now

Hannah & Blaze

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He is just to smart!

Lately I have been playing with all of the horses allot since the weather has been so beautiful! everyone is making lots of progress.

I started playing with spirit the other day, I have learned that he is very unconfident under saddle, or bareback, and is so used to the pattern of people getting on, kicking to go, pulling to stop, etc. I showed him a different pattern. spirit has always had a rearing issue, ever since we got him in 2002? I believe, My mother, Janet, sent him to a trainer for 4 months and the trainer said he was a big challenge...back then we knew nothing of parelli, therefor who knows what abuse spirit went under, the trainer surely didn't solve the rearing issue, rather just the biting issue. anyways I got on spirit and just let him do whatever and then I slowly start guiding him where I wanted to go, and spirit started offering to trot with no rearing and even cantered a few strides, and I asked him to stop and got off and ended the session, like Pat Parelli says "end the session when things are at their best" and that is exactly what I did, spirit was shocked. before, Spirit would bolt off when you would take the halter off, this time he stayed with me and didn't want to leave my side, I believe that it was one of those sessions that you could truly say was it as good for you as it was for me? I think spirit would've said yes it was.

I haven't really started Joy all that much, just sitting on her back and letting her go where ever, she is a very confident horse, it does not scare her one bit with me sitting on her back at all gaits, the reason I haven't really started her is because for a QH she is kinda small and I didn't want to mess up her growing process but now she is almost 3, her Birthday is next month, just as mine. anyways I had a Good little ride on her guiding her around and she did really good.

I also Rode Angel, Angel has been different lately, every time you pick up the reins she sticks her head to the ground trying to avoid what you are asking her to do, when she did this i just played along and let her do it and didn't try to ask her to put her head down, I was starting to think it could be catatonic, but wasn't sure. but once I did that for a little bit she started doing better.

Amour was next, she is such a silly girl, she wanted to chew on the halter for a little bit, but once she was done I hoped up on her and then had a nice ride, I played with "tit for tat" since she had some where she wanted to go and after that we had a nice little canter up the hill, even tho her canter is way to fast! but we'll get that better over time.

Now, My main man Mr. Blaze!
he is just MARVELOUS!!! I've gotten more video since last time I wrote, Yes I have been making allot lately cause the weather and been beyond gorgeous lately, But it was very funny, Blaze is now offering piaffe, Funny thing about this is seems like every time I am determined to learn something, Blaze offers it with no problem when I'm not even asking for it YET...example, about a month or 2 ago I wanted to teach Blaze to lay down just by me tapping the ground, OK, I was telling My dear Friend Frances that I wanted to teach Blaze this so that same day I go to the pasture Not even asking for it and Blaze lays down ....now just today I was watching a video of a horse doing piaffe and I said I want to do that one day! and what do you know Blaze offers it today. seems like Blaze is always 1 step ahead of me, that or he just reads my mind. I've also been doing some jumping and barreal racing, Yes, Blaze was a Barrel racing horse before I got him so he is pretty good.....also our finesse has gradually improved allot since my last post, we only has 1 more thing to do in the finesse assessment list and that is flying lead changes with no log, so I am excited about that but also won't rush it because it just a string and certificate, and the relationship means the world to me! I am truly living my dream I have an amazing bond with my horse and that was my dream. I am just so humbled.

Here is our best video yet!

Blaze's first Piaffe

Bridle less jumping and barrel racing

My Neice Tybee playing with Blaze

now here are some awesome pictures I got of me and Blaze




well that is all for now

Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feeling Positive and Progressive!

Friday, Me and my parents, and my brother, Elijah, went to Tennessee to look at some houses, and visit a church that we Plan on going to if we can move up there. it was a fantastic adventure, I haven't been to TN since I was 10. we Visited some family, and I also got to talk to the Pastor's wife at grace church, she has 5 Horses and wants me to teach her when we move to TN,
Crossing into TN felt like home, I wasn't born there, but I know it's where we're meant to be.

Here is our TN trip, I got allot of funny things filmed.

we Got home Sunday night around 1:30 Am, Annabell, (our 6 month old Pup) got Pregnant a few weeks ago by a neighbors dog. we got to the house and she had 5 girl pups that was born that day. she is a fantastic mother, considering her age, she is better then most mom's I've seen. Pretty neat that she had them on Resurrection day huh?
here are some photo's of her puppy's

Monday, I went to work to find that my C2 Cradle bridle got here. that night, got home and tried it out and Blaze Loves it! he doesn't want to chew on it, or grind so to speak. he was perfect and very light for the matter, super glad I bought it, here are some photo's

He looks rather dashing, don't you think?...Things have been great, I got some new footage with Blaze today and found the time to make a new video, he was fantastic and is offering all kinds of great things, super proud of my handsom boy! here is the video, enjoy.

well, I better get in bed, it's very late and I should have been in bed a long time ago but had somethings to do now I can finally sleep.

one last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Fun

It's starting to Feel like spring, here in Georgia. Been beautiful these past few days, and I'm loving every minute of it.

I've been playing with all of them lately, I'll start out with Blaze of what I've been playing with.


I've been playing around online and Freestyle, and also finesse, his Freestyle just keep improving, and I am striving to remind him that his "whoa" and "go" should be equal, not one more then the other. Yo-yo game is zone 3 and on the circle is coming along really nicely, his zone 3 yo-yo game has progressed to the point that we can do it at liberty, on the circling game he is still learning but coming good. Our finesse is beautiful, actually, I just purchased the C2 Cradle bridle today, should be here within a week and I can't wait to see how he likes it.


Angel and I have been playing with Freestyle and online, Freestyle is improving, the other day I rode her freestyle and she bucked allot but I rode her though it and the once she would offer the canter without bucking I go off immediately. Yesterday, I rode freestyle again, and she offered the canter without bucking at all. we also Played on-line, and I was teaching her how to bow, she is pretty unconfident about it, but we're getting there, just taking the time it takes with her confidence.


Joy and I've been also playing online, liberty and freestyle, Her liberty is great! she loves to chase me ad have fun bucking and kicking out at me. her online is Great! I'm teaching her to lay down, and just last night she went down on 2 knees like 10 times! she is a very confident horse, and just about nothing nothing scares her. she has been raised around people. anyways her freestyle is coming along, she is still learning what the reins mean, so I have been just doing passenger lesson.


Amour and I have been playing with online and Freestyle, her online is great, I've been teaching her how to bow, and she is almost going on 1 knee. her freestyle is Great! I'm just about ready to ride her bridle less and bareback, she is really good at the walk and trot, we're playing with getting her canter slower.


I haven't been able to play with spirit much, but in fact, I did play with him last night. I was teaching him how to relax at the walk, (on the ground) he tends to hold his breath allot, so after that he started breathing and licking chewing etc. after that I was thinking about riding and decided not to just because He was doing fantastic on the ground and I didn't want to take a chance that things were not going to go good under saddle and ways taught him to bow which he learned that fairly fast and I was really proud of him.

This past Sunday me and mr. Blaze had allot of fun, and I took some pictures, and so did my dad and also got some video footage and made a video and it turned out beautifully, Enjoy.






















Now, here is a couple of videos I made.

This is the first one

This is a Blooper video

now, we're getting ready to head to TN this friday! I am very excited. Going to be looking at houses up there :)

That's all for now.

Hannah & Blaze

Friday, March 26, 2010

More Progress...

Blaze, has been progressing really nicely these past few days, we both are really starting to communicate with each other, unlike before.

Blaze, now, has a beautiful little western Pleasure trot, and canter, he is just as prepared to 'stop', as he is to 'go' which is fantastic. every time he stops, I ask him to back up, which, has really began to improve his slid stops, tho he still stops on hos for hand, at times.

Tonight, I played with Blaze, first started on the ground with yo-yo in zone 3, and got some great stops so, that was our little "warm up" to get ready under saddle.'

I got on, and started Playing with our stopping, and backing, he didn't comprehend what I was asking at first, but I just took the time it takes til he understood it. I asked him to trot, he did really well with stopping and same with the canter. I Played a little bit with spins and got some really nice half spins, and then played around with some finesse.

We did some things like Haunches-in, Flying lead changes, shoulder-in, walk, trot, canter, etc. I think Blaze in a few weeks will be ready to assess Level 4 finesse, I just want to level out his whoa and Go, before I think about sending it in, also, improve his flying changes.

I trotted Blaze in a straight line and he didn't try to speed up but once, and I asked him to stop when I felt him speed up. played a little more with spins and Blaze offered and nice little spin, and then I got off.

Just to see how it was, I asked him to lay down, took a few attempts but he then laid down, what a smart fellow!

Overall, his progress is really fantastic, better then I thought it would be coming along, I am very very proud of him!

That is all for now

Hannah & Blaze

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's not a "Problem" it's "Communication"

Sunday, for the first time, I got help from a Parelli Professional.
Mr. David Lichman, I agreed to do his video-coaching, I sent him a video of Blaze's "Cantering Problem" Basically Blaze just canters to fast, and at the times that he is cantering slow if I put my leg on him to ask him to turn more he just speeds up.
Mr. Lichman Called and just gave me 3 things to try, for now.

1 Yo-Yo Game from zone 3. he said walk with Blaze along a fence, and me lift my left hand, stop, and go straight into a back-up, and if Blaze didn't do the same to Tap him on the chest and ask him to back to where you are.

2 Once Blaze has got that, he said do this, Play the same game, just combine it to the to the circling game.

3 (Under saddle) If Blaze sped up when I put my leg on him, (on a circle) turn him sharp though the center of the circle then turn him back on the circle.

I Got blaze really Good on his first exercise even got to where I could do it at the canter and stop and blaze would plant his QH's and back real quick with me.

I can do the second exercise on a circle and Blaze will stop, and back up fast, (we haven't got it at the canter yet, but he is doing really good and then once we get walk, trot, and canter, on the 12 then I'll move up to the 22 foot line, and then 45 foot line.

Now, Today I got those really good, and then I put my hand on Blaze's chest and the other hand on his wither, and Blaze laid down! so awesome. I got on and asked him to get up, and he did. And I started playing with the third exercise, got Blaze pretty good at the walk, Kinda had to remind him that it was the same thing as on the ground.

I Thought "why don't I try the trot...."
I asked him to and Guess what? SUPER SUPER slow trot and he was RELAXED!!! and then I asked for the canter and it was VERY slow too!!! I realized HELLO!! David knew that it would make it better under saddle, and that it has been a "Communication" ISSUE not a control "problem"
I remember before Pat Parelli saying "He wants his horses to ALWAYS be thinking back up when they stop" he was saying when he stops his horses he wants them to think "back up" I have forgotten all about this, I am Truly Glad I decided to go ahead and do this video coaching. me and Blaze still have a long ways, (work things up to canter slow on a straight line) But I am ready for the process.
anyways after I was done I just sitting on him rewarding him and Blaze just laid down!! and I didn't even ask him to! it was so neat. Blaze is starting to offer things, he even offered a little passage! I can't wait to keep progressing!

also, we are visiting TN in 2 weeks, to look at some ranches and visit a church up there, I can't wait!

also I have put up quite a few videos on YouTube since my last post! here they are Enjoy!

This video I made the other day with Blaze, Amour, Joy, and Angel.

That is all for now! if you need any help on your horsemanship Journey I would really suggest contacting David. get this YOU chose how much David's advice is worth, and then you send it to him, if it isn't helpful info you don't have to pay anything! But believe me it will be helpful!

Please visit

Hannah & Blaze

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The Title says it all.

I've been Super busy This week, working, Playing with Horses, studying, etc.
I have been saving for a C2 Cradle Bridle and I have $107 saved! that means I have $200 left to go, which, I "should" Have the money either this week, or next week.

Ms. Jennifer Mcinvale wants me to teach at her Parelli Summer camp this year, (in June) I will not be participating But, she wants me to be her assistant Instructor. I am Pretty exited about that, next week I will be going over her house so that we can com up with some lessons For those 5 days at camp, looks like this year will be more focused on finesse, which she wants Me to help allot with that sense I know a pretty good bit about finesse, it is my Favorite savvy. this be a Good way to test my savvy, and not only that, it'll be a Good teaching experience.

I haven't played with Blaze in few days, but I have been doing some 'UDT with him and he has been enjoying that.
However, I have been Playing with Ms. Amour, she is a Making Fine Progress! she has learned how to back by the tail, circling pattern under saddle, sideways game, and some respect. The other day I had a very fun 3 Horse liberty session in our 5 acre pasture with Angel, Joy, and Amour, it was one of the best Feelings to have 3 horses running after you and jumping around kicking and having fun, it was neat when I ran up to this Fallen tree and they all jumped it and came with me, it was just so great.

Hopefully tonight I will be able to Play with Blaze and do some liberty or Finesse.

That is all for now!

Hannah & Blaze

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sweet Amour

The other day I played with Ms. Amour.
Her sideways game has been very sticky. She is a dominant horse, so you can imagine that her porcupine game is kinda hard at times. the sideways game makes where she has to move her FQ's and Her HQ's at the same time, she does not like that at all. I asked her to walk and start moving sideways and she was very confused and I helped her and she started having a tantrum. I asked her to go again and she turned real quick and kicked and hit my right hand, it hurt pretty bad at first but I didn't stop to check on it.

After that, she started doing a real good sideways game to the right, and even started doing it without a fence.

Something around where we were started spooking her and she almost ran other top of me a few times, and all I was hearing in my head was Pat parelli saying "If you are the leader of the herd, the horse will try to avoid running over you." It wasn't said exactly like that, but just for an example. Obviously that means that Amour does not look at me as her Leader, but just another member of the herd. I need to fix this, because it is very Dangerous for any horse to run over you and turn around and kick you.

I have some things I can play with, I know I need to get her respect with the porcupine game better she is real hard to move at times. She has learned allot of LBI Behavior in her 5 years on this earth.

Well just a quick update

Hannah & Blaze

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today was Rather Fun and quite interesting.

I first Played with Mr. Blaze on-line, I started out just getting our sideways toward me a little more refined, he tends to lag his QH's allot. after I was done with That I taught Blaze how to do Haunches-in From zone 5, with 1 rein. he was really good on one side, But the other wasn't as good. since he can do Haunches in to the left under saddle and can't do it AS WELL to the right, but we're getting their and fixing it on the GROUND first, (Thanks Fran for that Advice.) so I have decided to play with our circling more, Blaze is Pretty good, but I haven't asked him to really circle in a long time, so I will be asking for more laps at the canter with me in Neutral-no nagging. I tend to catch myself clucking allot, I know that must get SO annoying to Blaze. so any how, that is what I am Playing with.

so anyways I asked for the circling game and he tends to pull on me going to the left so I played with that til he stop ed pulling, then I went to 2 reins-zone 5 driving and played with weave with simple lead changes, Hopefully before long we'll be able to get flying lead changes, just need to get those haunches in better and we'll get there quickly. tho I am taking the time it takes, no rushing!
I was finally done with that and figured how about I play with our Draw at liberty, and he was really good I was really focusing on my energy and my belly button, I was trying make sure I wasn't driving him away, and he did awesome, and we played some stick to me and he was fantastic! and also did some zone 5 driving at liberty, he was REALLY good.

I then put the bridle on Blaze and got on bareback and did a warm up Walk-Trot-Canter each way-RELAXED! and then started with our finesse session. Blaze was really good with his canter walk transitions so I asked him to do some flying lead changed over this small log and he did FANTASTIC!!!! was so balanced, hopefully, we will be able to do it without the log in a few weeks, I also played with Haunches-In and he did REALLY great to the left I didn't even ask for it and he offered it so I was like NEAT! and we got a few steps to the Right. it was super! then I asked it without the fence to the left and he did great! then I angled my body and had a suspension rein, and supported with my right rein, and got a Fabulous side pass. he was really listening to me we can't so it to the right yet without a fence, but we're playing with it! after all that we had a very nice and relaxing ride around the pasture, did follow the rail and played in the lake some since it was perfect weather out side. and ended it after all that. It was so awesome, I am really learning allot and now saving for Karen Rolf's Book and Walter Zettle's DVDs. I am seeking more Knowledge about Finesse!

well after a Long Great day I think it is time for me to hit the hay ;)
Got rain comming in tomorrow...Not looking forward to more rain, Hopefully I will be able to Play with Blaze again Once it drys. anyways Goodbye till next time!

Hannah & Blaze

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun in the sun!!

so today was a rather fun and interesting day.

first off I was Going to bring Blaze, Amour, Joy, and Angel, up to the round pen, and since the round pen is on the other side of the lake now, I didn't want to make 4 drips, tho it would be some nice exercise. me being lazy I haltered all 4 and had 4 lead ropes, and on my way I went. of course, Blaze wanted to lag behind and so did Ange, and the 2 good girls- Amour and Joy stayed close to me.

skip onto what we did.
started out I Played a little with 4 horse liberty, that was fun! everyone did great. then I Taught Joy to lay down, she did fantastic! what a smart little girl, I can't wait to teach her everything Blaze can do. then teach Blaze to Jump over her (tho I will be VERY careful with that)

Then rode her a little, and then rode Amour Bridle less, and bare back and Angel to. and we played with our freestyle, and they both did pretty good. Angel bucked a little and so did Amour, silly girls. then I got off and started teaching Angel to bow, which, I have to be EXTREMELY careful with Angel, since she is a RBI, she can go catatonic very easily, so I taught her to bow. and almost taught Amour to bow.

after I was done with that I Practiced My level 4 online audition! with Mr. Blaze. he did FANTASTIC!! Tho, Our Flying lead changed were um a little rusty! tho we are working on them, his trailer load was awesome! got him to trot into the trailer from 45 feet away, then we went on long line driving and he did fantastic simple lead changes, and weave and learning haunches in! we'll get there. then I hoped on and went for Freestyle and he was FANTASTIC again! we are almost ready to Film L4 freestyle, just need a little more control at the canter!

everything is going so Great with all of them. I am Having so much fun learning new things, and tomorrow I'm Gonna play with Finesse, and flying lead changes, and possibly shoulder in-Haunches in. and side passes. and play with some patterns with the girls, maybe Online for Joy...Freestyle for Amour and Angel and some online for them both.

well Gonna go eat dinner here in a few.

Keep it Natural
Hannah & Blaze

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Play!

So I have been having a BLAST with this snow! unfortranily it is almost all gone but I got some Great videos and pictures today of be Blaze and Hope playing in the snow! I hope everyone enjoy's it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


OK yeah so I've been absolutely terrible lately at keeping This Blog updated! My my apologies to all my Savvy friends!

so As usual The rain has been preventing me from being able to play much and it drives me Crazy! I think we've gotten more rain in 2 months then we did in 2008 and 2009! which is crazy!

OK so The other day I FINALLY got to ride Blaze and for our warm up I ride him bridle less and asked him to walk trot canter in bother directions then some simple lead changes and then we did some spins and some roll backs and all that good stuff.\

so I got off put the bridle on him after making a couple of adjustments to the bridle. got on and we played with a soft feel at the walk trot and canter, Honestly I think Blaze HATES the confidence bit. because he was chewing on it and yanking on it allot! time to save for the cradle ay? any who then I played with haunches-in and he did it perfect to the left! I mean PERFECT!! we're still working on going to the right tho we got a couple of steps! I did a few other things with haunches-in which I really think if I keep at it that haunches-in will help our lead changes well actually I know it will help them! But anyways I hope to film my level 4 Finesse audition soon, once I have the lead changes and the haunches in. and Hopefully I will have a new video of all our progress in a few days here.

well it's sunny out side so I'm going to go play with my wonderful horses!

Hannah & Blaze

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wants to play...

so Yeah The tittle says it all...I WANT TO PLAY WITH MY HORSE!! I haven't been able to play at all for almost a week! O.o and I have barely got to play with him for a month. first it was rain...then Freezing cold...then snow...then more cold...then rain some more! I would have played Monday Tuesday and Wednesday but yeah Monday went to work. Tuesday had to go to work because we Go skating afterwards. and Wednesday I had youth group and today my dad needed me to work.

so Yeah I am Hopping that things will get back to normal. Not being able to Play drives me Crazy! not to mention that the weather is PERFECT! besides the rain.

anyways just a quick update!

Hannah & Blaze :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy new years etc!

Hey savvy Friend of Mine! been a while since I've posted anything! I've been very busy with Horses, skating with family, working out, and Hanging out with my 2 wonderful brothers Aaron and Elijah. and This year has started out Great! Parelli went ahead and officially Passed me as Level 1 and 2 since I already Passed Level 3 and Level 4 liberty. Speaking of Level 4, I should be filming my Online audition in a few days! just Gotta get my dad or brother out there to film, But the wimps say it's to cold ;) he he well It is Pretty cold But I can handle it!

My mom got me this Book Called "the circle of trust" By Walter zettl. and I have been enjoying reading it, it is helping me allot, and I'm learning allot of new things about Horses and the horse business such as Breeding and training etc. I Think everyone should get this book! very helpful indeed.

Besides that I have been playing allot online with Blaze and he is doing very well with everything! we've got simple lead changes from zone 5! hopefully to have flying lead changes before you know it, also got my confidence snaffle bit and Blaze seems to like it allot better and I've Been playing around with finesse! he is doing really good! all we need is about 3 things and I'll be able to audition! hopefully to pass But if Not that's fine with me! hehe.

The other Horses I haven't played much with lately! Trying to get some Goals for each horse and start working on them, I do Think That Hope will take me far in the Parelli program, she is such a talented Horse! and very smart.

Angel has been a little different Lately, like extreme RBI and acting crazy if you ask her to do something new, not sure what;s going on! but we will get though it together.

But Really I have a question.....WHO TURNED ON THE FREEZING COLD!!!!?!?!!?!? OK I may seem like a baby But I miss my 40s/50s in the day and 30s at night! But now 30s in the day and 15 at night!? that is not right! I feel for y'all up north, because i couldn't live any were that was below 0! I mean WOW way to cold! I would like have 5 jackets on and 7 pairs of pants LOL but anyways Just felt like saying that he he.

well anyways I have some Goals I have for 1010! and Btw HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!

anyways here is some


1. Pass Level 4 before My 16th birthday

2. Possibly start gieving lessons

3. Buy a farm that has arena/barn pretty much everything we need

4. Go to my first clinic

5. Bring Hope and angel though Level 3 and 4

6. teach blaze piaffe and passage

7. This summer Go down to Mirka's farm with Blaze for the summer and learn as much as possible from her

That is my goals!!

Naturally Hannah and Blaze