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Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's not a "Problem" it's "Communication"

Sunday, for the first time, I got help from a Parelli Professional.
Mr. David Lichman, I agreed to do his video-coaching, I sent him a video of Blaze's "Cantering Problem" Basically Blaze just canters to fast, and at the times that he is cantering slow if I put my leg on him to ask him to turn more he just speeds up.
Mr. Lichman Called and just gave me 3 things to try, for now.

1 Yo-Yo Game from zone 3. he said walk with Blaze along a fence, and me lift my left hand, stop, and go straight into a back-up, and if Blaze didn't do the same to Tap him on the chest and ask him to back to where you are.

2 Once Blaze has got that, he said do this, Play the same game, just combine it to the to the circling game.

3 (Under saddle) If Blaze sped up when I put my leg on him, (on a circle) turn him sharp though the center of the circle then turn him back on the circle.

I Got blaze really Good on his first exercise even got to where I could do it at the canter and stop and blaze would plant his QH's and back real quick with me.

I can do the second exercise on a circle and Blaze will stop, and back up fast, (we haven't got it at the canter yet, but he is doing really good and then once we get walk, trot, and canter, on the 12 then I'll move up to the 22 foot line, and then 45 foot line.

Now, Today I got those really good, and then I put my hand on Blaze's chest and the other hand on his wither, and Blaze laid down! so awesome. I got on and asked him to get up, and he did. And I started playing with the third exercise, got Blaze pretty good at the walk, Kinda had to remind him that it was the same thing as on the ground.

I Thought "why don't I try the trot...."
I asked him to and Guess what? SUPER SUPER slow trot and he was RELAXED!!! and then I asked for the canter and it was VERY slow too!!! I realized HELLO!! David knew that it would make it better under saddle, and that it has been a "Communication" ISSUE not a control "problem"
I remember before Pat Parelli saying "He wants his horses to ALWAYS be thinking back up when they stop" he was saying when he stops his horses he wants them to think "back up" I have forgotten all about this, I am Truly Glad I decided to go ahead and do this video coaching. me and Blaze still have a long ways, (work things up to canter slow on a straight line) But I am ready for the process.
anyways after I was done I just sitting on him rewarding him and Blaze just laid down!! and I didn't even ask him to! it was so neat. Blaze is starting to offer things, he even offered a little passage! I can't wait to keep progressing!

also, we are visiting TN in 2 weeks, to look at some ranches and visit a church up there, I can't wait!

also I have put up quite a few videos on YouTube since my last post! here they are Enjoy!

This video I made the other day with Blaze, Amour, Joy, and Angel.

That is all for now! if you need any help on your horsemanship Journey I would really suggest contacting David. get this YOU chose how much David's advice is worth, and then you send it to him, if it isn't helpful info you don't have to pay anything! But believe me it will be helpful!

Please visit

Hannah & Blaze

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