"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Level 4 Liberty audition

ok, so I've been busy, and had time to film, so I just sat it on a post and turned it on, and everyone who saw it laughed so hard, because that stinker just loved spinning over and over again! LOL you'll see, and since I was the only one home, i couldn't get the trailer up there so i couldn't do that :( but I think it still looks great (sending it today!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


ok for a few weeks I've been teaching Blaze all typs of new stuff, and been trying to teach him to sit and yesterday h got it, h can now sit and what is so cool is I NEVER thought EVER that I could teach a horse to sit! seemed impossible but I finally figured it out!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big Congrats!!

I'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS FRAN!!!!! She passed Her On line and Freestyle today!! and I'm SO VERY HAPPY FOR HER!!!!! :D she did an AWESOME JOB!!! Your awesome Fran!! and so savvy!! :D


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Busy!

so Lately I've been really busy, but I like keeping busy...ha ha, so I won't "get lazy!" ha ha, anyways. I've been trying to get everything I ask Blaze to be in very low phases, trying still to get everything to Phase 1, and it's going pretty good. also been tweeting our Level 4 online/liberty and that is going awesome. Blaze is really more LBE now. he is motivated, and he'll try so hard, we can Officially do a Spanish walk under saddle, and while i'm on him, which is really cool. so proud of my Boy, :) and looks like I'll be able to go to Jennifer's for a play day this week, I might be filming My L4, (if it's OK with her) and if I feel were ready, which I've went over everything and we can do all the task! so it's looking good, but we'll see. I'm about to have enough to Buy a cradle bridle, and I'm VERY excited about that (might be getting one used!) anyways Blaze and I are doing Great, he is learning new stuff all the time, and I'm working even harder on my self to be the best me I can be in everything I do,

here are a couple of videos of our Progress

Naturally Hannah And Blaze

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lots of Play

whew! I'm beat! I've been really busy lately with my job. I work 5 days a week now! so I've been trying to play with horses when I get home. so i guess I tell y'all what I've been playing with

Lately I've been playing with allot of our horses, I really love learning more about horsenalitys. and Luckily I can play with each Horsenatity! so I guess I tell about how's that been going

Lately I've been teaching Blaze to spin (on the ground) and the Spanish walk. and to be lighter. and we have been very successful. he will now spin. and he will do 5 steps with a Spanish walk. and is very light! I think he really becoming more LBE then LBI. or he is a really motivated LBI! lol! i guess I just know how to motivate him, anyways....he is doing awesome with everything I teach him. I'm also playing with having my phases lower. I'm trying to get everything to phase 1 or 2. and he is great. everything is just about to a phase 1! which is huge for him. he is becoming more sensitive instead of dull. and he is doing excellent with everything I ask!

I've been teaching Angel allot of new stuff. I haven't been playing with her as much I should of course with my job and everything. but I've been riding her and doing more liberty which I have to say my self her liberty is pretty fabulous. and her riding is coming along great. so far at liberty I have taught her to back by the tail. one thing I love about her horsenatity is that I don't need a treat for her to learn something. she just gets it almost first thing. and is not that food oriented, unlike Blaze. haha, and also been teaching her to lay down. which she will bow but not enough trust yet for the lay, but that is totaly fine, :)

I haven't been able to play allot with the others but there all doing just fine. and I'm learning allot fromthem, and enjoying every minute I get with them. and also either this week or next week I'll film me and Blaze's and Angel's Progress and put it on youtube. and I might be going to Jennifer's next week so I'll also be takeing pictures there and filming to. well that's all for now. I'll try and post more often

Hannah & Blaze ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Figured it out!

ok so lately I've been thinking about the professionals program. and I am gonna do it in 2012! when I turn 18. also take a 6 week masters class befor it of course! hehe with hopefully Keri Lea and Fran ;) that would be totally awesome! and I'm already starting to save right now. This is what I want to do. so I know if I want it bad enough I'll work hard for it. and if that isn't meant for me to do then it won't happen. but for now that is what I'm going for! I'm very excited! I'll be going for my 1 star. and then hopefully when I go for my 1 star me and Lea will be in the same class (hopefully) your rock lea ;) lol then save up for my 2 star maybe in 2013. and when I'm 19 any maybe have enough money saved up. depends I guess. I can't wait. what is so cool is. I have 3 years to get even better at teaching/dressage/everything! and i'll be totally ready to be a professional. yay!



Hannah and Blaze