"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Days go by

Wow, has it been a week, so, me and Blaze has been doing alto of cool stuff, yesterday, I played with the Question box, for the first time, and it was our first time because are footing stinks, so I started and I had a bridle on, and had a carrot stick, and I started at the walk, and he kept wanting to trot, so I would bend him to a stop, and after a while he started blowing, so I said OK! now lets trot, and first thing I started to trot he wanted to take off to the building, weel long story short, I had to shut him down like 30 times, lol! because I wanted him to listen to my body and not the reins, so he had his own idea, so after a while, I got him LB, and he started trotting slower, and blowing, licking chewing etc, and I did it for a while, and asked for the canter, and boy! just like the trot he had his own idea of, "hey I'll just bolt back to the building" so I had to keep shutting him down again. which it is sorta hard for him to have a nice slow canter, because the dang hills and footing are awful, but after a while he slowed down just a bit, and out of know were he got snotty and said, "I am going faster Ha!!" so I said, OK, this isn't going to well, so be for I get mad, and start thinking about the task, I better just "stop!" so I went in a round pen and just cantered a few laps, and he was implosive, I think, I got off and watched him canter around, and it looked like how he was cantering with me?

Could it be I'm just unconfined with him cantering? could that just be his natural canter, and I just think it's too fast, "hmmmmm how interesting!" maybe I am unconfident about it, but I do know sometimes for sure he canters to fast "sometimes" but I sat there with him, and he was like "treat"? and I said ok, But!" you only get the treat if you do something for me, and so, I put my hand up high and clucked, and he did a very high rear, (that is what I was asking for) and so he got his treat, and then I asked him to give me a kiss, and he did, so I just played around with alot of stuff, and I got him to back 1 lap, at liberty, (first time) with phase 1!!

so things are going well, my brothers, Girl Friend came to visit, and I let her ride him around, bareback, and just with a halter and lead, (lead tied as reins) and here I am about to have a heart attack, thinking, "please don't take off, please don't take off" and Nya, she is a "normal" hunter jumper, so she has him on a tight rein, and he luckily put up with her, and gave a nice soft feel, and when she got off she gave him a bog ol WACK on the neck, and Blaze looked Very mad at her for that, and I'm like thinking "AHHHHHHHHH DON'T HIT MY HORSE!" luckily kept my mouth shut, lol,and that was very hard to do,

but we had a great time, besides that,

Until next time
Keep it Natural