"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dressage Naturally!

Today I got Karen Rolf's Dressage Naturally DVDs. and I loved them. so I went out and try ed it with blaze. and I started on the ground and he was acting a little RBE. so I has to interrupt the pattern a few times till he Finally calmed down. (it was really windy) so then I got on and just started him walking around doing some stuff that I watched but really just getting him listening to me, and he was doing Great. I wasn't even having to use my legs. he was listening to me "body" which was so cool.

so then I started some of the exercise. and Blaze was doing Great. and just in a few minutes he was offering a slow walk trot and canter. which he has never ever ever Done! he was so responsive if I asked walk canter he said Yes ma'am if I asked canter stop Yes Ma'am he was doing anything. and when I asked for a straight line canter (which most of the time he will just bolt forward) he stayed at the same Pace I was like this is Totally awesome dude! lol!! I didn't want to stop it was so cool! I did more freestyle then finesse cause now I'm like I'm gonna get his Gaits better be for I start doing more finesse. anyway I can't wait to ride again. I really hope it goes as good as it did today!

But If any of you want to learn Dressage. or just have better Finesse I would Totally suggest Karen's DVDs and book http://www.dressagenaturally.net/

until next time. Keep in Natural :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Liberty Audition!

well I took it nice and easy! if things went wrong I didn't rush nothing to fancy! so here it is


let me know what you think :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


OK REALLY Who took my Blaze and Replaced him with a Motivated and willing horse? I have a horse that is offoring to canter and doing flying lead changes and wants to walk trot and cater close to me. wow what a good shocker lol! over night my horse has changed? I must have done something right lol. but what? My LBI that always says NO to cantering is sayine yes to phase 1! WOW! i'm in shock! this is so cool! I never thought he would offor to canter. and do a flying lead change from going to the right to left "cause he hates going to the left" but now phase 1 and he says yes ma'am. hmmm this was so a How intresting! I have been putting the relatingship first. so could that be why? hmmmm maybe! I think so! tell me what y'all think? but any way I am like SO happy! I've been waiting for the moment my horse "ticks" and I think that has finally happend! but I jsut wanted to share that.

and me and my dad are about to go film my liberty for my audition I'll tell how it goes


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yesterday was ONE Crazy day!! out of knowere we started haveing bad wether and bam the tornado siren goes off. and me my mom/dad/braothers/ and sister n law was at my dads business. So I'm like about to have a heart atack. and my dad is laughing at me. and so we left and we were bringing my brother to church. and to do that we headed right into it. and I said THIS IS INSANE!!!!!! and we turned on a road and we look and there is this HUGE brown tornado comeing right at us!!!! I mean like less then half a mile. and we turned around and BOOM hail wind and rain start hitting us. I was about to TOTALLY FREAK OUT!!! and everything is getting herd to see. and we were tuck at a red light and then we Finally got passed the red light and RAN FOR DEAR LIFE!!!!! and my dad was smileing and my brother was laughing lol. and I'm like YIKES!!!!!!!! and we headed for sun light and GOT OUT OF IT. so that was the most scared thing that has EVER happend to me. and that is as close to a tonado as I want to EVER get. and luckly are horses was fine when we got home. but yesterday there was more than 1 tornado around us there was like 2 or 3

I also posted this on the savvy club fourm

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are you doing it for your horse? or trying to change him?

I've been thinking about this allot for the past few days. I was talking to Fran and trying to figure out how me and blaze could get even closer. and she said are you doing it for the horse? or trying to change him? oh wow! she got me good. I said well trying to change him. so I've been thinking or ways to STOP THINKING OF THE TASK!!!!! AND HAVE FUN!!!! and that is real hard for me to do. so yesterday morning I got up and be for we left for work I played with him. and I said to my self no matter what happens go slow and be friendly.so I was just doing some stuff. lead by the lip. ear. legs. and stick to me. and that went very good. and we were in the round pen and I said OK how bout a circle and I asked him to go and guess what? he started doing a small circle around me and I didn't even ask! and I asked for the canter and he did a small canter around me! I said WOW! I couldn't believe it. I've asked be for and he said not gonna happen. but when I didn't care he did! and I didn't have to nag at all! he was like yes ma'am! I finally understand that when it's NOT about the task and you just go out to have fun your horse will offer more! and now I trying to STOP caring so much if things don't go right. just smile and don't get mad move on or just go slow and be friendly

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Until next time
Keep it Natural!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've never had so much fun!

Today I went up to the pasture to pick up old hay string and get it out of there were the horses won't get there hoofs stuck in it. and Joy Spirit fire Blaze Angel midnight star were eating hay. and out of know ere Joy (1 year old QH mare) looks at me and starts bolting towards me bucking and going crazy. so she stoped at me and I'm like OK I guess you want to play. and then I chose liberty playing stick to me. and she was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! when I would walk she would walk when I would trot she would trot and when I would canter she would canter lol. and when I would bolt off she would chase me bucking and then stop at me. and sometimes she would turn around and try and kick me! lol. but I didn't care she was playful! sometimes she would run back to the herd and then look at me and come bolting back to me. and it was wet so my eyes got real big eek! but she did a slid stop at me. I can't get her to do anything real big like blaze but blaze isn't playful. but she is. I've never really started playing with her till about 2 months ago and this was the best session ever! I hope to get it on film when my dad doesn't have to work. but anyway this was just so amazing! and magical!

Until next time Keep in Natural

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can I kill my self now? lol

well today I waited 8 hours on my freestyle video. so I get it on there right and I go look at the assessment list and I forgot to put me opening a gate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about ready to go nuts after waiting that long and then having to start over! but I guess I can make a even better one. but besides that Blaze and my online are getting better I got him to canter 2 laps each way on a 22 foot the other day. I haven't been able to play with him as much as I would like too. I've been sick and trying not to make is worse. but anyway yesterday I rode Fire My mustang that will buck at the trot and canter and i rode him with a halter and 12 foot line tied into reins and bareback and it went Great I only walked but it was a start and be for he would stop every few steps and he was walk pretty good I was really proud of him for not bucking me off LOL. I just need to bring out his LBE side again. he's such a neat horse so loving but just needs some Confidence

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just Fun!

yeaterday was Great! I started filming for my liberty and freestyle for level 3. I think freestyle and liberty I would pass bt my online would not have. blaze has such a hard time cantering. But he was Great did 2 flying lead changes! and I didn't even ask! and when youtube stops being a jerk I'll put it on. last night waited 5 hours and it wasn't on? but anyway I have pictures!!!!