"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Friday, September 4, 2009

the perfect day

The title tells it all, today was the perfect day, 70s out side clear blue sky!
so here we go!

It's been about a month since I've rode Blaze Bridle less and bareback. cause I've been doing so many transitions, and doing more finesse. so today I said well might as well see how he is, so I got on top of the 4 wheeler and asked him to side pass to me, (I didn't have a carrot stick, was just gonna ride him with nothing no savvy string to) anyways. so I got on, and just started walking around the pasture, and it was really cool, because, if I would turn my body to the left he would turn left, and same to the right, then I just thought backwards, and leaned backwards and he backed!!!! Wow!!!

then when I asked him to spin, he did a slow spin!! and when I asked him to move his HQs in a circle he did!!! I was totally amazed! so I asked him to trot a figure 8, and he just started slowly jogging, and OK, he has NEVER done that without speeding up in the trot, so that was HUGE!! those transitions really work! then I asked him to do simple lead changes on the figure 8 and he was perfect, will have those flying lead changes down before you know it!

so after I was done with all that, I thought we should go up to the house (which is across the scary Dam, and we played with his thresholds, (it's scary for him cause the lake is one one side of it, and an almost straight down drop off is on the other side) (don't worry there is a fence) but it was a squeeze game for him, so we went to the other side, and right to the left is a trail that goes deep in the woods down to the creek, and I've never been down there before with him, and he turned and started going down there, and I'm like "OK, I didn't ask for this way, But maybe I should let him go and have a nice lil trail ride" But be careful because I had no carrot stick no savvy string no nothing, but I was gonna trust him, so we start heading down the hill with spider webs hitting my face, (they were up high and me riding him made were they were hitting me) I called him lucky, lol, but out of no were a tree branch fell some were in the woods, and his head went up, but Guess what? He didn't spook! he was like "what was that?" then was over it xD!

so we went to were the creek was, and I wasn't gonna ask him to go in, cause you have to go down this little muddy thing that goes down into it, and he would get stuck, and the sand in the creek would make him get stuck to, so I asked him to turn around, and we trotted on the trail, (a controlled trot) and we went back up the steep hill, back to the pasture next to the house, it was so lovely, I never had to trust him that much, cause were we we're there was no fences, so he could have ran away with me on him, cause there was no way to stop him if he did,

anyways after wards I did some UDT around the house, and he was so cute, I layed on the ground and he came to me and wanted to hang out, and he kept biting my pockets, then trying to kiss me, lol! so after about 30 minutes I went running back across the Dam back up to the pasture, and he didn't follow, then out of no were I hear the loud Winnie, and here he is cantering after me, and he stoped when he got to me and I jumped on him real quick and we went back to the building,

it Most definitely the perfect day, to bad the camera was broke because it would have been one amazing Video!

Hannah & Blaze :)