"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Friday, December 5, 2008

some pics!!











great day and interesting to!

today was the perfect day I would say.! started off trying to teach blaze to lay down different was didn't work out. so I said OK I'll try that a norther day. so I got on blaze and got Angel and played 7 games from horse back and that went pretty good got angel to go over jumps logs tarp etc. then when I was done with angel I thought I would do a freestyle ride with blaze just having the halter and 12 foot lead on. and had such a nice ride did some really cool stuff I can't tell yet cause it will be in my video

thanks for reading I'll be putting my video up when I'm done!

savvy Hannah out!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Videoing lol

well today I was getting blaze ready to go up to the house were Elijah could film me so I played with him just getting him ready to cross the dam which he most of the time stops and stops over and over again so I was playing and I saw an awesome video today were this girl was laying her horse down and then standing on his back and playing the friendly game! so I said hey I can lay blaze down why won't I try? so I did and he was awesome didn't even try to get up.

so time to cross the dam and he will try to turn around allot and stop or something and this time he was very confident and didn't even try to turn or stop I was like wow someone woke up on the good side of the pasture today!

then I got Elijah to film some and Blaze started to say no I'm not gonna you can't make me yeah just being plane LBI and testing me so I kept with it and BOOM he tyred so I stoped for the day and it was great we had a good time!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crapy day

well here we go shall we

time to vent Today I had a plan or so I thought that plan was to have a great day

well I wanted to get all 4 hoofs on this tire i had filled with dirt. so I started off pretty goof front feet on then I try the back HA he did every trick in the book and he won and I was mad so I said OK just back feet every trick again so long story short I won but it wasn't pretty and I shouldn't have done what i did i should have stooped well I least I know what I did wrong well now I guess I can learn from it

so Hannah out for now

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what a day not in a good way:(

today started out like any day ..

so I go to the pasture like any other day but today I was going to teach Blaze to law down while I'm on his back! and that went well and easy.

so I had 3 horses that the hoofs needed to be file down so I started off with Angel and she was really good and my back started hearting cause i have back problems. so then i started on spirit and he wanted to put on a little fight taking his foot away and then he pulled one time and his hoof hit my head OUCH! so then i just kept going and then my hip pops out and back in OUCHHHH!!!!!! SO I like this hearts Reilly bad but I need to finish this. then joy kept coming over to me like what you doing and I kept have to shu her away then about time I was done with spirit

then last one Joy 1 year old QH mare oug she wanted to put up a fight to so I just kept playing with her so she Finlay started to stand still and her hoofs are so hard to file and it took like 15 minutes to finish her hoofs and that was just her front so I was fed then went back to the house

then I had to get ready for karate

so then I get there and my Karate teacher started using me and a crash dummy and oy did that hert but I pretty good with pain now.
so then I had to fight Chelsea she most of the time a good control but tonight she hit me hard in the neck spranged my foot and I never said anything to them that it spanged my foot cause came on I'm like I'm tuff so then I wake up the next day and boy that was pain full but oh well my time of venting is over

till next time Hannah out

Phase inside a phase hmmmm

I never thought of this till I looked at Fran's blog about phase inside a phase hmmmm I started thinking about this, so the next day I was going to do the normal phase one that i do and i see Blaze tail swishing ALLOT! and so I lowered my hand and guess what no swishing,

so I went to the same phase with the circling game and swishing again so I did less and he gave me more!. so I'm like well this is great so i need to do lower phases with him!

thanks Fran for that blog!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Best session ever

Today I was gonna have an awesome day with Blaze. and know matter what happened I was not going to get mad.

so I started off with driving from zone 5 at liberty like jumping barrels and going sideways over them so then I put the halter on and got on him and started to trot around the pasture and he was so soft and smooth and then I jump some barrels and then I said I'm gonna se if I can get him in the horse trailer so I ask him to go in and he does it it with confidents then I tyred from zone 5 driving and he went in again yay. and I said OK lets try to back him into the trailer went in again and that makes 7 task left in level 3 yay. and I layed him down and sat there with him for a few Min's and then I got on and started to jump more barrels and he did great and I stayed on lol so I came back to the pasture and you better bet he got lots of treats lol

savvy out for now:)