"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Finess/Dressage Naturally. and STAR!

OK first. I'll start out with my interesting/fun/crazy session with the leader of our herd. miss big and bad star. she is a big sorrel QH mare. (LBI to th max) she is 12 or 13 I believe. anyways. for the long es I haven't done much playing with her at all. since I've been advancing Blaze Joy and angel and spirit. so that is 4 already. but star has such a nice gait and would make an AWESOME levels horse. Problem is she has 0 respect for humans. be for when I would do the circling game she would turn and charge at me. and (be for) I would be very scared. but not anymore. I already solved that problem about 2 years ago. I said you ARE NOT gonna charge at me. and have to use a good phase 4 and she didn't do it anymore. but anyways. yesterday I wanted to start playing with her more. because if I can get her to Respect me and trust me I know she'll be amazing! so I played a Little bit on the ground. and she was pretty disrespectful. but after I go some respect I said maybe she is ready to ride. so I got on. and fist thing she started rearing and turning and trying to get me of (I was bareback and had a halter and lead tied to reins ) and this horse when we got her she used to be a trail horse and a 7 year old used to ride her. and she was used for a trail horse for all ages of kids and was a dream. I guess because we haven't done so much with her in so long I guess she sorta just got bad. OK back to what I was saying. she was rearing and bucking (very lazy tho) and I kept turning her head laterally so she couldn't do it. and I got some control over her feet! and I have never jumped her with me on. ad I try ed it and she did it! and was pretty good! (got a video of it) maybe on today! and then she doesn't want canter with me on her. so I asked her. (had to do the big es phase 4 ever, just to get on stride) but she was bucking at the same time. and then started rearing. but she wasn't gonna get me off. and I asked her again another HUGE phase 4 and she gave me some more strides but kept bucking. so I said you wanna buck!? well lets buck hard. so I kept asking and asking till she finally said you know what! this isn't fun. so she stoped bucking. and I stoped and gave her a treat. and got off did some more stuff to get her to respect. like backing her. and moving her front end etc. but over all I know she can be a good horse, just needs to learn to respect. I think she'll teach me allot. she is by far the most challenging horse I've ever played with. which is good for me

Now my update with Finesse and Dressage Naturally!
since I've got my Wintec Dressage saddle. Finesse and Dressage is allot more easy for Blaze because he can use his back! so I've been Playing allot more with it lately (I have a video of yesterday but the computer doesn't want to upload our Piaffe video) anyways. Blaze will now give me a soft feel walk trot and canter in a halter! and he will now do Piaffe still not quite like Magic tho! and we can do Pirouettes. and side passes at the walk trot canter all with a soft feel. Just about ready for L4 I might when I'm ready do the audition with a halter. because I rally don't like using a bridle cause I know if I was a horse I wouldn't like a bit in my mouth at all. even if I was in good hands! but that is just me! ;) but Blaze is getting more amazing everyday! and I can't wiat to go home and do some UDT!

until text time Keep it Natural!

~Naturally Hannah and Blaze~

Monday, June 15, 2009

some of you may know for the past 4 years I have been struggling to get Blaze to slow down in his walk trot and canter. because he goes so fast and it's just no fun to even try and ride. and for the long es I been avoiding it at all cost. or just looking past it. because I didn't know what to do. anyways..........This past week I went to camp for 5 days. our focus of the week was mainly on line and freestyle patterns. and Freestyle patterns were a pain for me because Blaze kept going way to fast for every pattern we were doing. on follow the rail at the canter and trot. was impossible. because blaze just wanted to bolt around the arena. and that was no fun at all. I was struggling not to get upset. I kept smiling. and trying some more. I was using the theraflex. and it wasn't helping at all. the next day Jennifer wanted me to try her wintec Dressage saddle. that didn't fit her Halflinger. and it was wider than my saddle. so I said ah why not! first thing I put on and started walking. there wasn't any change that I could see. I asked him to trot and he started trotting slower. I was like wow! so far so good!! and when I asked for the canter he put his head down and started cantering very slow. I was in shock!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: everyone who was watching was like WOW!!! :shock: because it was like a new horse!!! he was so nice and slow on a loose rein. I didn't have to hold him back at all! I try ed follow the rail at the canter and he didn't go any faster than what I asked. I way so HAPPY!!! later that day we did more patterns. and at times I had to do a 1 rein stop to remind him not to go fast. and after I did that he would slow down again. but we did clover leaf, at the canter and he was great! bulls eye. figure 8 and got flying lead changes!!! sideways box, at the trot and canter. almost got a flying change. (front feet changed) not the back lol. and the the ultimate challenge. the open pasture!!! with tons of obstacles :shock: :shock: and also a little cross country course, and we did that :shock: guess what. Blaze was perfect, got a little fast at times but slowed down. he went over the jumps. I was like WOW!!! and cantered all on the pasture with no problem. he didn't take off. everything went awesome!! I was blown away. and sorta felt bad that All this time I've been having trouble was because of our saddle. but I'm glad that it is fixed now. and Jennifer let me buy the saddle!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Grateful that she let me try it out. and Jennifer was the first person besides me that had rode him (since I've had him) and he did awesome. and just yesterday I let my mom and brother. and niece and sister N law ride him for the first time. (my sis n law has never rode a horse) and I told her what to do. and let her go and she was riding all around the pasture with no problem. and she loved it. and he also was perfect for my brother and mom too!! I would have never done that with my old saddle. because Blaze has completely changed latterly over night! I would have never trusted him with someone else on his back be for!

and Jennifer has had this saddle for years and hasn't used it so it's like new! :mrgreen: I even got him to do finesse in a halter. walk trot and canter. and doing patterns. it was so easy for his back. I was so very happy that finesse will no longer be hard because he can finally use his back now and no longer bracy!! :mrgreen: and the same with freestle. no more takeing off, and going fast
I am just SOOOOOO HAPPY!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: here are some pics of at camp with me riding with it


lol the ears were back because we were riding allot befor that lol

Now Level 4 Finesse and Freestyle will be allot more easy

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parelli Camp!

Yay!! Camp starts Monday. but I might be going tomorrow. today was busy!! I had tons of things to do. like.....go get the horse trailer. buy a helmet. buy horse treats. buy fly spray. buy hay. give blaze a bath (tomorrow) brush him. trim his hoofs which I did tonight and cut my finger bad ouchy!! but I can't wait. I won't be staying over night because 1 I've never been away from home at someones house (over night) i still have horses to feed at home. but Jennifer lives only 12 miles away. so my dad will be bringing me in the morning, it's 5 days long. and I'm excited about being Jennifer's assistant for the week. and I'll take lots of photos. there are 4 other girls going. and I can't wait to play on Jennifer's AWESOME Play ground. I LOVED it last time. and the huge arena! woohoo I can't wait. well I'll try and keep everyone posted.. I need to get some sleep!! night night all have a great week!

until next time

Keep it Natural


Friday, June 5, 2009


ok. me and Blaze are getting better and better everyday! and also I got my green string etc in the mail yesterday (pics coming soon!) and this video is to show some of our progress we have been makeing enjoy!


Keep it Natural!