"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Saturday, April 11, 2009


ok. really, I have NEVER had such an AMAZING!" SESSION EVER!!! Today Blaze and me played with level 4/5 on line. and one thing that kristi told me to do is to be able to send blaze is the trailer from at least 30 feet away at the trot or canter. well how bout this. 45 FEET AWAY" Yep first time. and I was sitting down when I asked him!! How cool!

so then when he came out I said hmmm, I have an Idea!" so I got him to turn around and from 45 feet away. (me sitting down) got him to back in the trailer. (the trailer doesn't have a ramp) this was really really Cool!! so then I sat on the trailer. and asked him to 45 feet away to go to the pedestal and put all 4 feet on it, wow!" was he offering alot today or what. :D so then I got on top of the trailer. and got him to go in. then got him to stop half way and me stand on his back to get down!!

so, I went to the bigger wide open part of the pasture, and asked him to canter. and he was a little RB because this is around are house and he stays on the other side of the lake with the other horses, so when we would get to the side that went to the pasture he would pull hard. so I just had steddie presure. and he kept staying on the wrong lead going to the left. so, I kept him going til he got on the left lead. and then he slowed down in his canter and started blowing. and he was at the end of the 45 foot with some slack. and my feet still. and the he got past my shoulder and i got him to do a beautiful lead change.

and going to the right was more beautiful cantering. took phase 1 for the canter. and I didnt have to nag. he kept going and going. L4! and then I got him to do a nother flying change, woohoo" and I am also getting him to jump 1 berral from 45 feet away. and also tought him to rear the other day. and got him to do one big rear. and he is getting better by the day. I am so proud of him. he is learning so fast

Keep in Natural!

~Hannah~ :D