"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today was Rather Fun and quite interesting.

I first Played with Mr. Blaze on-line, I started out just getting our sideways toward me a little more refined, he tends to lag his QH's allot. after I was done with That I taught Blaze how to do Haunches-in From zone 5, with 1 rein. he was really good on one side, But the other wasn't as good. since he can do Haunches in to the left under saddle and can't do it AS WELL to the right, but we're getting their and fixing it on the GROUND first, (Thanks Fran for that Advice.) so I have decided to play with our circling more, Blaze is Pretty good, but I haven't asked him to really circle in a long time, so I will be asking for more laps at the canter with me in Neutral-no nagging. I tend to catch myself clucking allot, I know that must get SO annoying to Blaze. so any how, that is what I am Playing with.

so anyways I asked for the circling game and he tends to pull on me going to the left so I played with that til he stop ed pulling, then I went to 2 reins-zone 5 driving and played with weave with simple lead changes, Hopefully before long we'll be able to get flying lead changes, just need to get those haunches in better and we'll get there quickly. tho I am taking the time it takes, no rushing!
I was finally done with that and figured how about I play with our Draw at liberty, and he was really good I was really focusing on my energy and my belly button, I was trying make sure I wasn't driving him away, and he did awesome, and we played some stick to me and he was fantastic! and also did some zone 5 driving at liberty, he was REALLY good.

I then put the bridle on Blaze and got on bareback and did a warm up Walk-Trot-Canter each way-RELAXED! and then started with our finesse session. Blaze was really good with his canter walk transitions so I asked him to do some flying lead changed over this small log and he did FANTASTIC!!!! was so balanced, hopefully, we will be able to do it without the log in a few weeks, I also played with Haunches-In and he did REALLY great to the left I didn't even ask for it and he offered it so I was like NEAT! and we got a few steps to the Right. it was super! then I asked it without the fence to the left and he did great! then I angled my body and had a suspension rein, and supported with my right rein, and got a Fabulous side pass. he was really listening to me we can't so it to the right yet without a fence, but we're playing with it! after all that we had a very nice and relaxing ride around the pasture, did follow the rail and played in the lake some since it was perfect weather out side. and ended it after all that. It was so awesome, I am really learning allot and now saving for Karen Rolf's Book and Walter Zettle's DVDs. I am seeking more Knowledge about Finesse!

well after a Long Great day I think it is time for me to hit the hay ;)
Got rain comming in tomorrow...Not looking forward to more rain, Hopefully I will be able to Play with Blaze again Once it drys. anyways Goodbye till next time!

Hannah & Blaze


KingDuncan said...

Yeah! That's great, Hannah :) Keep up the fine work with Blaze.
It's been raining up here, too. Are you going to be going to any of Parelli Across America? I'll be hopefully going to the one in VA.


Hannah Willis said...

Thanks! and no I can't go to any this year. all are to far away...but I heard something about them having a conference in lakeland FL..3 day event, if they do that I might be able to go there

~Julia~ said...

Why?! Why must it be hours away!!!???? *sob sob* (;D)

I haven't heard any about Lakeland, but maybe at Ocala...and you have to be over 18 to go onto the centers. :(