"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Saturday, January 31, 2009

GOSH! this started out bad but ended good!

Hello All!

Today I was gonna play with blaze cantering, cause this is what he does. he will start out slow then get faster and faster and faster till he is at full blast and he's not RB what so ever. any suggestion would be Great! so I did that for a while then he got MAD. I ask to go and he said NO FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has NEVER done this EVER!!! and he wasn't RBI he was full blown LBI he said NOT GONNA HAPPEN so I squeezed I taped a little then I took the savvy string and went back a forth tapping each side, nothing hap pend so I got harder and harder ansocked face* My sweet boy acting like this??? I think he did this because he wanted his way and didn't get it. cause every time he would go to fast in the canter I would pull him around interrupt the pattern. so he finally went and I try ed my best not to get mad so after I while his canter trot etc. was MUCH better. I played for about an hour with this. if that was too long please let me know.

then I did a little liberty he was good just did a couple of things and went in the round pen and got him to do 4 laps t the canter to the left and 5 at the the canter to the right WOW!!! that's a first ! so after I was done I did some Undamanding time with him about 20 30 minuts. Let him rest.

then I started playing with angel did all 7 games at liberty. got her to come sideways to me better got her to do 1 lap at the canter with is big for her!!!! she's RBI so I don't want to push to hard ( she almost killed me once ) but that was my fault. and then I went out of the round pen and played stick to me and she was pretty good with that. but ran away about 4 times but I was like that's OK!

so blaze had some rest. so I did in are pasture 2 horses stick to me game! angel was fine but blaze doesn't like me playing with her and him at the same time so he gave me a little trouble so I just played with that till he gave and I even got it on video so it will be in my next video. and then y'all know how when pat is riding one horse and has a norther playing the stick to me game? well I try ed that. I was bridle less and bareback. and angel was at liberty. this was my first try at liberty only done it a couple of times with a rope but I was like well it's worth a try! and she did Great and so did blaze she stayed with me in the middle of a pasture with other horses at the walk and trot it was so cool and even got that on tape!!!!!!

well until next time may the horse be with you! ;)

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