"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

how was Lakeland FL?

I"ve been asked this question allot. and it went amazing!! we got there Thursday at 1 pm. and was greeted by someone that we all know ;) Mariah Helms :) and we got all signed in and got Blaze a paddock. and Blaze was scared and RB to be in a new Place. Blaze's stall was under the parelli tent with there Horses :) they told us how everything was Gonna Go. we got to practice that night in the arena. and Blaze was RB in there cause he's never been in a indoor arena. but once we played more he got to be his self. and blew some socks off. with the people that worked for Parelli. the Celebration started Friday and it was Great the spotlighters were awesome. really really enjoyed them allot. we got to practice in the arena again that night. I started getting nervous. because I knew I knew I KNEW Blaze wasn't gonna be as good as he was in practice cause there was other horses in there. anyways Mariah and Holly's spotlight was awesome they both did Great! I was the last freestyle. and it went just like I knew it would. Blaze got RB and I got on and then Pat asked us to get off and gave us a lesson.

after we calmed Blaze down Pat gave us one song and Blaze did Pretty Good. and I wasn't disapoited. because has nothing to prove to Pat or the crowd. Linda Parelli and allot of the others know Blaze and know what he can really do. so I was fine and just super happy and proud of Blaze cause it did go better than I thought it would. Linda was so sweet. she I was Happy that we could finally meet. she's said before that she couldn't wait to meet me and Blaze so I was Happy. and she is so Nice. me and Mariah and Me had a Great Time practiceing and getting pictures together. she is such a nice person. and Blaze totally loved sundance he is such a sweet Horse

and Mirka Mirka WOW!!!!!!!!!! she is amazing and SOOOOOO Nice and helped me and Blaze spin. she blew everyones socks off with her Horse Magie. got her L6 ribbon! was the only one who did. and was awesome.







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Hannah & Blaze


Emma Kline said...

excellent hannah! what a great pict of you and linda too:)

Spend the Thyme Farm said...

Way To go Hannah! The entire Henze family is SO proud of you and how you put Blaze first and foremost. You and Blaze know what you can do together....and that is all that matters. I think Lea put it best ~~ your relationship is WAY beyond ribbons. It is amazing and awesome!
The Henze Family

Country girl said...

Way to go Hannah!!!! Wonderful pics! I love them!! I can't wait to see more!!! :)

You and Blaze are amazing!!


Jo said...

well done !! Those pictures looked great, and sounds like you learned a ton :) wish i could have been there to watch all of your spotlights

Hope you and Blaze are settled in back at home Love Jo xx

Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Woo hoo Hannah! LOVE the pics!


Anonymous said...

Blaze looks good! For his first performance, I'm sure he didn't do too bad. You guys have come a long way (:

Hannah Willis said...

Thanks so much everyone :)

Randa said...

I'm sorry that Blaze got so nervous and you didn't get to ride him in the Spotlight, but hey, you got a lesson with PAT PARELLI! I beat you learned a ton from that! :-) I think that that was really cool, and it must have felt great talking to Pat, learning from Pat, and standing next to him while he helped you with Blaze? I think that's AWESOME! I love ur pics too, they are awesome! Do you have the video from your Savvy Spotlight / Lesson with Pat that u are going to download? If so I'd love to see it =-) You may not have won a ribbon, but I'd say it was worth it since you got a lesson from Pat, and after all, that will probably improve your relationship with Blaze and any other horse TONS! So congratulations Hannah :-) My mom and I are so proud of! I wouldn't have even been able to try to do one of those...my stomach wouldn't allow it. lol.