"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Less Than 1 day

well BE IN LAKE LAND!!!!!! that's Right. we leave at either 4 am tomorrow morning. or 5 am tomorrow morning. boy are we Gonna be tired or what! I a so excited. so much to do to day like..........Give Blaze a bath. brush him. Pack all my stuff. The trailer floors will be done today. it was 10 pm last night when we go the floors half was. but we were to tired to finish. so my dad went to the business today to finis it up. and my brothers are gonna help him. he said he didn't need my help so I stayed home so I can get everything ready for tomorrow.

I'm s excited. it still seems like a Dream. but it is a Dream coming true! I can't what to see some of my fellow Savvy friends and Play with each others Horses. ad get pictures taken! I'll be taking tons of pictures and videos so every ones can see. ad yes my spotlight will be filmed for sure so don't worry :)

I think Blaze is Ready. he has Benn such a Good boy. and trying his heart out for me.I am s Proud of him and everything we have learned. I just wish he knew we were leaving tomorrow. but then again he would probably take off andbe like "nooooooooooo no I don't wanna go" lol!!!

well short post. Gotta get ready

Hannah & Blaze :)


Randa said...

OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!! I'm so excited for you Hannah, I'm sure that you and Blaze will do super GRRRREAT! I wish I could be there and see your spotlight, but it's a ways to travel from Idaho to Florida. lol. But I'll definitely be waiting anxiously for the video of your spotlight! GOOD LUCK, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!

Lea and Eddie said...

You're going to do great Hannah!
Blow their socks off and show them super savvy-teen savvy!!! =-D
I'll be praying for you girl!

Hannah Willis said...

Thanks so much Randa! it'll be filmed for sure with loads of pictures

and Lea Thank you!!! you have helped me so much with getting ready :) encouraging me :))
and thank you for the E card!! I loved it :)

Country girl said...

Go Hannah!!!

I will be praying for you and that you guys have a safe trip there!!

Can't wait to see some video's and pictures!!


Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Woo Hoo! Y'all are going to be SPECTACULAR! Wish I could go (I live in FL) BUT my old trainer's coming down instead :)! Good Luck, Shalom, and MOST importantly God Bless You!


Lisa R said...

Have a great trip, Hannah! You and Blaze are going to have a great time. I wish I was able to come see you guys in your spotlight, but hopefully I can see the video. I know it will be awesome! We're rooting for you!

Lisa and Duck

Erica said...

Good luck Hannah! Make sure you tell us what Pat's reaction was! ;)