"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fran and Hannah

proudly present "Heart and Desire Horsemanship", a Team of Super-natural, Super-savvy Parelli students, working together to promote excellence in horsemanship

Yup that's right! me and Fran are going into business.
Visit our we site (this is just it for now)

now things that has been going on lately
I have been forther advancing Me and Blaze's Freestyle and Finesse. I have especially avoided finesse long enough. anyways. I have taught Blaze to put his head down at the walk and Trot. and we have gained allot of control at freestyle since then. Blaze can now spin. it isn't to fast but it is getting better. Finesse has been amazing. I have been using a halter cause we are not ready for a bridle right now. (plus I wouldn't use one til I had a cradle anyways)

Blaze is super Light. I can just hold the reins with my pinkie and he will collect him self at the walk and trot. and his cater is getting allot lighter too. our haunches in has been getting better too. taking it nice and slowly.

I've bee riding angel some lately and she is coming along very well. were playing with main taining gaits and direction.

Joy is a little goof ball. I have been playing on the ground with her and also riding her some. she is coming along very very well for her age.

Midnight and I had a fun little session the other day. OK I'll take back "little session" because it was a almost 3 hour session. we played in he little paddock. and played with his respect because he thinks he can just stick his QHs in my face and walk off. so I taught him not to leave unless I let him. and we played with the trailer got all 4 feet in! and then I rode him for about 2 hours and we played with standing still. which was hard because he was away from the rest of the herd and he wanted his way ad wanted to g back up there. so he try ed to buck me off a few times but I just stayed with him til he stood still.

also. Tonight My mom came in here and told me we might be getting this free horse that is about a mile away from here. we see this horse everyday on our way to work. and poor thing is in a tiny pen with another horse and it is just dirt. they keep hay out but it isn't enough so she is kinda skinny. I hope we can get her because if we don't she will go to someone that might treat her bad. *crossing fingers*

sorry I have been horrible keeping this updated. been real busy. will keep it updated for now on

Hannah & Blaze

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