"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Monday, November 9, 2009

a congrats, and about my night.

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LEA!! she passed a L3 + with her On line audition!! she did amazing Job! so Proud of her. just watching her videos hs helped me allot. because she is so kind and savvy with Eddie. CONGRATS LEA!!!

and this is the video I made for her today after she made me an amazing video!! Thanks agin lea!

Now I'll tell about my On line session!
Tonight I started playing with blaze at either.....7:30 PM ? or something like that so it was dark, and we have a light at the pasture so I could see.

So I started out with the friendly game, just making sure our friendly game, and actually Blaze was RBI, head to the ground, even snorting a bit, and a little tense. so I finished the friendly game was did porcupine game, and teaching blaze to pivot, and I did get him to pivot both ways! then driving game and got blaze to pivot, he was fantastic!

when I got to the Yo-Yo game I found that our draw was broke, "How interesting!" so I played with backing him up fast and bring him in slow to rest, once our draw was better I moved on, to the Circling game, and what do you know our send was broke "How interesting! again" since I have been back from Lake land I haven't played much on-line or liberty, so i guess I had to refresh his mind, but once I got to the circling game I figured out that my long phase 1 was to short. I did about a 3 second phase 1 and a quick 2-3-4, and he needed about a 10 second phase 1 and a quick 2-3-4. so I pointed...waited waited waited....then quick 2-3-4 and he just nodded his head. so I started again long phase 1..............quick 2-3-4 and Presto he went off at the trot and I hit the ground were he was but he already left so he didn't get taped, and because I did that he did not pull on me once (he was just about at the end of the 45 foot) and before he ALWAYS pulled on me when I first started out playing it,

so after I got that "lovely circle" from him I bring him in, rubbed and treat and sent him out and his send I had to do the same thing as the first time, and he went off at the trot, and I asked him to canter presto! "phase 1! I moved on to the left and he doesn't like going left and to make the circle faster he comes allot closer to me "smart boy ay? but it doesn't bother me if he wants to circle close then great.

after all that I did some figure 8's at they were great! allot better then before (he would really pull coming from right to left) and played with some change or direction,

Then I moved on to long-line driving and just walked around some then I picked up the reins and got him to do finesse and get collected while I was in zone 5! I barely had any contact on the reins and I asked for trot and he was just lovely. collected his body and beautiful BEAUTIFUL trot, and I asked for canter and he went on. and I asked him to stop and back half a circle "phase 1!" and I did a few other things and then took the line off

and got him to pivot at liberty (he's still learning but he got it almost down!) and then played the circling game to the right and he was great asked for trot and he offered canter! got 2 laps and I said "that's good enough for me!" and I asked for the left and we started loosing the connection so I just moved on and didn't worry about it, so I wanted to do something fun, so me and Blaze played the cutting game and WOW best cutting game we've ever had, he wasn't just rearing and turning like most of the time, he was really looking like a cutting horse! ("now if I could only get him to do that with a cow) lol too bad we have none lol!

and played with backing by the tale and got him to lay down and he just hung out. (he almost fell asleep) ow I had a confident LB horse :) and I asked him to sit and he did a great one! even let me pick up his hoof and put it on my shoulder (like Honza and Gaston!) and I let him get up and ended th session. it was so relaxing, I figured out most of our bad sessions has definitely been because of me, 1 cause I haven't been using my body language that much "eep! 2 haven't been doing a long enough phase 1..3 haven't been letting blaze make the mistake before I correct.

Tonight when we were done I am serious I asked him "was it as good for you as i was me?" and I thik e said ye :)

Long post but we really learned allot

Here is that Video Lea made for me

again lea THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I LOVE it!
Lov ya Savvy sister ;)

Hannah & Blaze

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Lea and Eddie said...

Thank you SO much Hannah!!!!!!! I love the video, it's amazing. =-)
Love you too savvy sister!!!