"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Morning!

Ok! Hello! so lately I've been sorta busy again, I've been playing with the horses more, some intresting ones with Angel, Joy, and Blaze. and they are doing Great things, I saddled up Joy the other day, and we had our first canter!! been walking and trotting for a few months (bareback) and this was the first time with a saddle on (when me riding) and we did walk trot and canter! both ways with no bucking!! for a 2 year old she is so sweet! and very easy to teach, (LBI/LBE)

Then that same day once i got off Joy, I saddled up Angel, and Angel is more advanced under saddle now, (L2/L3 stuff) and for a 3 year old she is very impressive! I've been only riding her with a halter and 12 foot line tied into reins, and bareback or saddle, and here is some stuff she can do with a saddle and halter, and without it, she knows how to go sideways (bridle less and bareback) can back (briddle less and bareback with legs) and walk trot canter, turn, jump (bridle less and baeback) and all with a halter and saddle on too! and I do have to be careful because she is RBI, and will explode if you push her to hard (I figued out this when she filped over on me last year) :O but it was my fault, and that is another long story. but I've been playing more out side the round pen, trying to get her to maintain Gait, she will at the walk and most of the time the trot, but the canter she'll buck a little, but nothing big, so we've been playing allot with that, and i've got her to maintain 1 lap at the canter in the pasture! yay! very proud of my girl, here are some pictures of her from the other night and some of just the saddeon her (after I was done riding)


lol she's a little fat




Now on to Blaze
Blaze is starting to just be more amazing everytime I play with him, we have now at liberty got our draw backwards with turns! (not holding the tail) what a smart boy! ay? and we have been playing with our figure 8! and I figured out that is more confident with me on his left side, and puts me in zone 3, so I've been trying to get him confident on his right side! and that's going great, and I'd like to say THANK YOU FRAN! foryour advice!! :D but our draw on the figure 8 (going to the right) is broken! he won't turn, so we played with that some, but on line he will do flying lead changes, on the figure 8!! :D and our long line driveing is ammmmmmaaaaazzziiinngggg! he is soooooooooooooo smart!!! I Love my boy so much!! xD so things are good, only thing I hate is this crazy Georgia heat! so I have to play at night now, 90s goooooo away! haha anyways here are some pictures of Blaze from the other day




~Hannah and Blaze~


Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

AWESOME!!! Breaking horses into saddle is sooo much fun:)! You and the horse learn unlike with older, more experienced, and sometimes robotic, horses you don't learn as much... Ow! SO glad a horse has never flipped over on me before. YAY Angel! She is not even close to how fat *cough* Sonny *cough* is:)! lol! WOW Blaze is you a DREAM horse it sounds like! SAME HERE!!! FL is soooo hot! At least on our property their is the sea breeze. But I still have to do the majority of my play sessions at night:(. Blaze looks REALLY good! Keep up the good work! God Bless!

Hannah Willis said...

Thank you so much!!!

I'm going to the Lakeland celebration!

are you going?