"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blaze is my Confidence

so I got my Savvy club DVD yesterday. and watched the whole thing. and I have come to realize that I'm allot like that girl. just with people and new places. and not riding. I am RBI. so I am very VERY shy the first time i meet someone. but I am getting better with that. but once I know someone I'm LBE/I. and I have figured out with blaze around I'm more confident. I can talk with ease. and I don't go RBI and hide. last year I went too the 4Th of July parade for the very first time. and blaze first time too. and if Blaze wouldn't have been there I would have been super RBI. cause it was just me and the guy who brought me. and I couldn't hide with mom/dad I wasn't too happy with the way everyone was hitting there horses. but anyways.why is he my confidence? I do not know. but I found it very interesting

Let me know what you think?

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