"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Friday, April 3, 2009

How amazing!!

Blaze is getting more amazing everyday!! he is offering more. and I am still doing hill therapy. and his gaits are getting better by the day. been a few days since I've done any because it has been raining like CRAZY!! are lake is over flowing! :O but anyways, today was sunny so I said hey I think I can do some hill therapy. and I had the 22 foot line on. and asked him to go out in the circle and his send needs to be better! he is slow at going so I will play with that. anyway. I started at the trot and he wasn't pulling on me at all! in fact. he was getting closer and closer and closer. till he was doing a very small circle around me. tehehehehe. funny boy! making the circle smaller. Lol. then I asked for the canter. took phase 1! and he said yes ma'am. How cool!

and just like the trot he got closer and closer and closer till he was doing a small circle around me at the canter. I think he is getting pretty smart. like hey I go in closer and the circle is quicker. Lol, and gave me some very snazzy lead changes. which was really neat! and then I started playing with sideways to and away. and he is getting really great and the trot. I was on the end of the 22 foot line and he slowed down and I was close to him.(still holding the end of the 22 foot) and so there was lots of slack and he kept trotting sideways! and didn't try to run he kept going! then when I played with sideways too me he was great. we don't have it at the trot yet but he did offer a few steps! it's a start!

so I took the halter off and started some liberty. which I think is Level 4 quality!(maybe) need to look at the self assessment list again to make sure. but he is amazing at liberty now. I would do a norther video. but my mom's computer is messed up. and my brother doesn't want me using his. ugh. but oh well I guess I'll save up for my own "AFTER" I get my cradle and theraflex pad. anyways... I played with circling around me. and that was perfect! just like on line. he walked trot and cantered around me at liberty! so cool! and I am playing with the change of direction. he will stop then turn. so I need to play with that. but are canter too me is getting Great! and stick too me is awesome! and i also been playing with the cutting game. and that was cool. blaze did that today! I was so proud of him. I think I've finally found out what makes him tick! and thanks to Fran for helping me with are cantering etc. It has really helped! and also thank you Fran for that attitude adjustment!! I would have still been having trouble if it wasn't for her.

check out her blog. everyone can learn something by reading it!


I gotta go. sorry for not posting much. been really busy!

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