"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Saturday, March 21, 2009


well it has been real crazy. sorry for not posting anything. but Blaze got hurt. and I thought it was real bad. but next day he was fine thank goodness! but anyway yesterday I had a fabulous ride on angel. she is getting so confident!! and got her ready on the ground and then put a bare back pad on her. and put the bit with my new finesse reins that I LOVE!! and got on. (first time riding her with a bit) and she is so light! she kept wanting to go back to the building but I just used a direct rein to correct her. I am also playing with her to maintain gait. she is getting good with the trot. canter she still will buck sometimes. but I got a few strides! and she has such a lovely canter! nice and slow. UN like blaze. LOL. but anyways...... I got her to go down to the lake. got her to go in just a bit. she was unconfined so I backed off. and then I got her to go over a small jump. (very first time with a rider) I didn't do big cause I would fall off cause her jumping is horrible. LOL! Then we had a very nice walk back to the building. she is doing so great. I am very proud of her!!!! she is so gentle. and I think she is gonna be real easy to teach more advanced stuff! but since she is RBI I'm gonna go slow and wait til she is ready to move to something more advanced!! NOW blaze's turn!!!!!!!

I have decided to start hill therapy with him to help his back and gait and just to be More relaxed. and I am dreading not being able to ride him for 6 weeks but if it helps him it is so totally worth it. and tonight I played with him. and I found a small hill for him to go up and down. and I was watching to make sure he wasn't limping. so I did some laps/ and he did Great he even of ford to do 5 laps at the canter going left :O!!!!!!!!!!!! he HATES going left. wow that was so cool!!! and he did 5 laps going to the right!! that is more than he has ever done with me just standing still!! it was REALLY cool!! and I am also teaching him how to bow between his legs! and he will go all the way to his head now!! and I will get pics as soon as my moms computer quites being mean! lol.

well I'm off to bed. just thought I would update everyone!!

Until next time Keep it Natural!!

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Amanda said...

Sounds like you guys have been up to alot... and having a bunch of fun :)... cant wait to hear more.. and best of luck with your jumping ;)

savvyknight said...