"Look back at our struggle for freedom,

Trace our present day's strength to it's source;

And you'll find that man's pathway to glory

Is strewn with the bones of the horse."

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Body awareness.

Body awareness.

I've been noticing lately, when I walk up to one of my horses that are more Right Brain, I see their head turn away. I've always thought "Their just not in the mood to play." But is this always the case? Tonight I answered that question. I started walking up to Spirit, and stoped, and called his name. Spirit started leaving, I thought to myself "Why did he leave? and how can I get him to come back?"

I've noticed when around horses, I tend to have a "high" energy in my core- or a more "driving" type of energy, it's almost uncontrollable.. If you put an extroverted horse in a round pen with me, they get so playful and energetic. They sense my energy----Even tho lowering my energy is very difficult, I tried to lower my energy as much as I could.so as my energy lowered, Spirit turned around, and walked right up to me. Along with the rest of the herd.

So this leads to another thing:
Blaze, always has a high energy under saddle, I always thought it was my tack (Which certainly doesn't help)...But could the actual problem be my very high energy?...Indeed it could! I think next time I ride Blaze, I'm really going to focus on my energy being lower, and see how Blaze reacts to this.

Well this concludes my blog post, I admit I have been terrible keeping up with things lately. Hopefully I can keep everyone posted more often!


Hannah & Blaze


Kathy said...

Awesome point! I also have that same "driving" energy that I need to be acutely aware of, especially when playing with my introverts.
Before my shift to PNH, people used to say that I "bring out the worst in horses." I always thought that I could bring out the 'real' horse or bring out their play drive.
The more I play with my RBI donkey the more she makes me aware of my body.
Great post!

Hannah said...

Hi Hannah,

Yes, sometimes I have the same issue, especially with the head turning away. With Maia, I've found it is often because I am facing at her head and she is ultra-sensitive to pressure in front of her drive line.

I can definitely relate to the riding, as well -- my first riding instructor used to say I had "electricity in my rear" -- I could get any horse to just get up and GO! ;) Kind of a mixed blessing...

Fun to read!